Singer Barry Gibb has credited his wife with encouraging him to embark on a solo tour following the death of his brother Robin last year (12).

The Bee Gees star was plunged into a deep depression after Robin lost his battle with cancer last May (12), leaving Barry as the last surviving Gibb brother.

Gibb, who also lost his brothers Andy in 1988 and Maurice in 2003, admits he struggled to cope with the loss until his wife Linda told him to tackle a tour in memory of his beloved siblings.

He tells Britain's The Sun, "This is all down to my wife. She told me to get off my backside and stop going along with the whole idea that everything was finished for me. She said, 'You've got music, so make music!' That was her kicking me, so I decided to jump right in."

Gibb sold out every date of his Mythology Tour in Australia earlier this year (13), and admits he carried on the Bee Gees' family tradition during the trek by inviting his eldest son Stephen to play guitar and Maurice's daughter Samantha to sing with him onstage.

He says, "I have a fantastic band and Sammy jumped in and my eldest, Stephen, too. We created this show that really celebrates everything we ever did, or as much as we could put in to a show. I feel good. I felt a lot worse last year with all the stress over Robin."

Gibb is bringing his concerts to the U.K. with shows planned for Birmingham, Manchester, and London, England later this year (13).