Barry Gibb admits he and his brothers were ''rivals''.

The 67-year-old singer regularly clashed with his late siblings Maurice and Robin - who he performed with in the Bee Gees - and Andy, both in their work and family life because they were so competitive with one another.

He said: ''It's the difference between being a group and being brothers in a group. And there's another kind of rivalry which is really in the blood.

''Who wants to be the favourite child, who wants to be the favorite performer, who do they the love best, you know. And parents always love the youngest the best so, we all knew our own mom and dad loved Andy, you know. But I think mom and dad loved all of us and didn't know really how to divide that up. We were competitive, we were - we were always kind of trust ourselves out front.''

Barry clashed most frequently with Robin - who died of cancer in 2012 - but says they grew closer following the death of his brother's twin Maurice in 2003.

Speaking on 'Piers Morgan Live', Barry - whose youngest brother Andy passed away in 1988 aged 30 said: ''Robin was really competitive with me, and Maurice was the middle guy. Maurice was the guy that would then mediate.

''Robin and I were the ones have a clash...

''I think we became disconnected about 12 years ago and then when we lost Mau, Robin and I gravitated back towards each other a little bit. It's always been twins and the older brother. I think they always talked to each other more than they talk to me and so that's twins.''

The 'Stayin' Alive' hitmaker is slowly coming to terms with his siblings' deaths and admits it is a ''weird'' feeling to be the only one left.

He said: ''It's a very strange experience to know that you have no brothers now. That's unusual. That's weird. I mean, I have a hard time dealing with it. But my whole family has hard time dealing with it. So coming to terms with this slowly, but I really miss them.''