Barry Gibb felt it was time to ''get off his backside'' and write music again.

The 70-year-old musician - who is the remaining member of the pop group Bee Gees - has endured the death of his youngest brother Andy in 1988, followed by his twin sibling Maurice and Robin who died in 2003 and 2012, and Barry wasn't sure after losing his family members he could embark on a solo career.

Speaking to The Sun newspaper about a comeback, he said: ''I didn't really retire. I kept talking about it and thinking it was all over.

''I feel energised. I needed to get off my backside and I've always needed to write and play music.

Barry has recorded his first solo album after 32 years called 'In The Now', which he recorded with his sons Steve, 42, and Ashley, 39.

And Barry has admitted working with his own offspring, and having his 24-year-old daughter Alexandra produce, was ''not unlike'' working with his late brothers.

He said: ''Working with my sons is not unlike with Maurice and Robin - though they are quite different types of people. Stephen is very heavy metal and a gentle giant whereas Ashley is very analytical and very concerned with everything we do and every lyric.

''But they are great and I love them both. And my daughter Ali is involved in publishing and licensing I just want the Bee Gees' music to end up in a good place.''