Review of Back To The Cat Album by Barry Adamson

Barry Adamson
Back To The Cat
Album Review

Barry Adamson Back To The Cat Album

Barry Adamson is well known for screen music on David Lynch films and a member of Nick Cave's The Bad Seeds. That's pretty good credentials in my book and 'Back To The Cat' his eighth album is pretty special. It focus's on the more pop orchestral feel that Richard Hawley has been playing with rather than the more dark sound Adamson has been known for, even though there is subtle challenging lyrics.

'Back To The Cat' certainly has a unique character to it and oozes style, mood and sophistication. The music is just so darn cool. It has shades of funk, big brass sounds, jazz and sixties soundtrack all in the mix. There's slow numbers and upfront loud bits. It's a journey that is straight up and full of experience. Barry Adamson is certainly a cool cat and most could appreciate this album.

Tareck Ghoneim

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