Barron Hilton didn't fight back when he was beaten last Friday (06.12.13).

The socialite brother of hotel heiress Paris Hilton was allegedly hit by Ray LeMoine at a party in Miami after he insulted Lindsay Lohan - leaving him with lasting damage to his face - and his auntie, Kyle Richards, claims he didn't even fight against his attacker.

Speaking on 'Watch What Happens Live', she said: ''He is the most kindest, gentle soul you ever met: He would not lift a finger against anyone.

''He made a comment against her that wasn't polite, and she went up and said, 'Want to speak against me? This is what you get.

''And these people jumped him and beat his face. I just saw him the night before I arrived here and he was all broken - his face.

''I said, 'I can't even imagine you even fighting back, because you're such a gentle person.' He said, 'I didn't fight back.' ''

Asked whether she believed troubled 'Mean Girls' star Lindsay was behind the incident, Kyle added: ''Allegedly - obviously I'm going to say [that], because I wasn't there - I'm going by what you guys here, and what my family tell me. Allegedly, Lindsay called the hit on my nephew and he was beaten up.''

Lindsay has not made comment since the incident, while Ray has escaped to Cuba.

Speaking form the Communist island, he said: ''I'm scared of the Hiltons and Paris' Cash Money crew [she has a deal with the record company], so I am seeking refuge in Cuba. Castro hates the Hiltons and took their Havana hotel in 1959 as a base after conquering Cuba, so they are stoked I'm coming down to hate capitalism. Viva la Lohan!''