American singer/actress Barbra Streisand misses the days when Margaret Thatcher was the British prime minister, because she believes women had a better deal when the so-called 'Iron Lady' was in charge. Streisand insists UK society has regressed since Thatcher's term as leader ended in 1990 and male leaders took control of the country. She says, "If a man's a perfectionist, he's seen as 'commanding.' In a woman, it's deemed 'demanding'. "He's 'assertive'. She's a 'pain in the a*s'. It's not a level playing field. I really do believe this is feminist issue. "When Margaret Thatcher was prime minister, I had the easiest time making the movie YENTL in London, and I'm convinced that's because there was a woman running the country. "By the time John Major was running the show, it had reverted to being a boy's club."