Barbra Streisand returned to her home town of Brooklyn on Thursday (October 11th 2012) for the first time in several long years to perform the first of two concerts in the New York borough.

The American superstar who has in her acting and singing career won two Academy Awards, five Golden Globes and eight Grammy awards thrilled her Brooklyn audience as she appeared on stage with her orchestra at the Barclays Center which seats 19,000 people. She opened her set with the words, 'Who says you can't go home again?' before launching into her 1994 track 'As If We Never Said Goodbye'; an appropriate opener for a homecoming concert of this kind. Surprises were also in store for her fans as the rumors of a guest singer were confirmed when she introduced her son and first child JASON GOULD on to the stage to exercise some of his own vocal talent.

Streisand managed to send tears streaming down the faces of every man and woman in the audience with a rendition of her 1974 number one hit 'The Way We Were' which she dedicated to the recently deceased composer Marvin Hamlisch who wrote the music for the track.

For anyone who missed the first show, she will perform in Brooklyn again on October 13, 2012.