Singer/actress Barbra Streisand refuses to get up early for movie shoots and argues with producers if they don't agree to give her a lie in.

The 70-year-old star hates early starts and won't agree to a job if it means she will have to get out of bed at an inconvenient time.

Streisand reveals she wasn't impressed when producers of 2004 comedy Meet the Fockers wanted her to be on set at 7.30am, so she told them she wouldn't work unless she could start later.

She tells Britain's Celebs on Sunday magazine, "On those Focker movies, I had to get up early and I'm not an early bird. It's hard to be funny at 7.30 in the morning. So I said, 'You can't pick me up until 8.30 'cause that's a normal time to get up, for me.' I don't function that well at 6am. And they said, 'Ok'."