ABC News paid tribute to longtime TV personality Barbara Walters on Monday (May 12th).

Days before the 84 year-old news broadcaster retires, the television network renamed its Upper West Side headquarters to The Barbara Walters Building.

This honor recognises Walters' 53 year career in television journalism, in which she became the first female to anchor a network morning show.

"I am so truly touched by this," Walters said at the ceremony. "I want to make something very clear, that each and every one of you from the desk assistants to the producers to the correspondents and anchors, each of you who walk through these doors every day, yeah, my name is going to be on this building, but the building belongs to you."

During her speech, Walters expressed that she is most proud of the opportunities she created for women in media.

"People ask me very often, 'what is your legacy,' and it's not the interviews with presidents, or heads of state, nor celebrities," she said. "If I have a legacy, and I've said this before and I mean it so sincerely, I hope that I played a small role in paving the way for so many of you fabulous women."

There were many familiar faces at the ceremony, including Robin Roberts, Diane Sawyer and George Stephanopoulos, but it was the Walt Disney Company chairman and CEO Bob Iger, who shared a few words about Barbara.

"Of all the people I've been proud to work with, Barbara Walters will always be at the top of my list," Iger said during his speech. "It's the quality of a person that gets a name put on a building, not just the contributions and the accomplishments."

This is the beginning of a week celebrating for Walters, this coming Friday (May 16th) she will be retiring from co-hosting 'The View,' talk-show she created with Bill Geddie in August 1997, to which the network will air a two-hour special about her entire illustrious career.

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Walters will be continuing to work as an executive producer for 'The View' and will be a lifetime member of the ABC News family, contributing news reports when necessary.

Barbara Walters
ABC News renamed their headquarters in Walters' honor