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“IT”The way I see “IT” isn’t necessarily the way you see “IT” or the way “IT” is or ought to be SEEN! What’s more important is we can walk fearless through “IT” when we see the One who defeated “IT.”What is “IT”?DEATH to LIFESWAY SEE finds HOPE www.stillwaterscreations.netMy name is Jan Foland and I too walked in your shoes. I am a retired school teacher from Spokane, Washington who was given 90 days to live with pancreatic cancer over 3 years ago. I was a strong Christian who walked with Christ before I was given the death sentence. It was in my fear that my faith all but went out the window as I began to doubt His existence. I asked God to take away my fear and change me and He showed up! I was given a transformed heart (outpouring of Grace) to walk fearless through the wall of fear against the beast of death! I am alive to share my story with you! I need an address to send you my journal. I am retired and retread to pray and to go where I am called to pray! (509)710-2378

Posted 13 years 1 week ago by Jan Foland

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Barbara,I think it is time for you to get real. When youparticipate with people that are shameful then it is sure to do damage. Get rid of Joy and you will see your luck will change. What a miserable person and garbage mouth. I think the reason for being slighted year after year is because of Joy and her filth. She really makes your program rank way down on among the ones that are least popular. Rosie was so controversial and you keep getting the dregs to try and help you get the emmy. Get people that have character and are uplifting and you will see positive results.

Posted 13 years 7 months ago by Ann Cole

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The wrong people are leaving your show (The View). First Star, and now Rosie. Get rid of Elizabeth and you can start over with a new panel. A much better one. I taped your show every weekday til Star left. Then started watching again when Rosie came on. I for one will never watch again til I hear that Elizabeth is gone. I can't stand that little brat!

Posted 14 years 8 months ago by vsw

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