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Jennifer Hudson Promotes Obamacare With 'Scandal' Spoof

Jennifer Hudson Barack Obama

Jennifer Hudson and the online team over at Funny Or Die hooked up for a scandalous campaign promoting the Affordable Care Act, or Obamacare as it is more widely known. Spoofing the hit ABC series Scandal, the Oscar-winner parodied Kerry Washington's character from the political drama in a promotional bid to further explain the long-fought-for piece of health care legislation.

Jennfier Hudson VMAsJennifer Hudson VMAs Red Carpet
Hudson teamed up with Funny or Die for the Obamacare promotional video

Donning an Olivia Pope-esque white trenchcoat, Hudson looked every inch the crisis manager as she met with various in-need people across Washington D.C. to tell them about the numerous benefits afforded to them thanks to Obamacare. Initially meeting with a shady-looking government official-type who asks whether she's "the fixer," to which she tells him, "I prefer covert scandal manager."

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Russian Anti-LGBT Legislation Leads Wentworth Miller To Come Out As Gay

Wentworth Miller Barack Obama

Wentworth Miller, the 41-year-old star of Prison Break, has come out as gay in the most admirable way possible. Instead of doing it by tweet or even a statement via a publicist, Miller penned a letter to the St. Petersburg Film Festival, in which he declined being the guest of honor and even attending, due to the Russian government’s attitude towards LGBT men and women.

Wentworth Miller, West Hollywood
Miller's confirmation of his homosexuality was beside the point of his letter.

"I am deeply troubled by the current attitude toward and treatment of gay men and women by the Russian government," the text of Miller’s letter, made available by ABC News, reads. "The situation is in no way acceptable, and I cannot in good conscience participate in a celebratory occasion hosted by a country where people like myself are being systematically denied their basic right to live and love openly."

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From Duck Dynasty To Politics? Willie Robertson 'Should' Run For Congress

Barack Obama

Willie Robertson is being encouraged to run for congress in Louisiana following his popularity from Duck Dynasty, the A&E reality TV show. “My boys want to run Willie Robertson for the seat," said a key outside advisor to House GOP leadership, according to The Washington Examiner.

The seat has been the seat given up by retiring Republican Rep. Rodney Alexander, and the word is that Roberton has the reputation and popularity to regain the seat for the republicans. While a spokesman for the Robertson family didn't return a request for comment, it is thought the TV celeb won’t want to leave his current situation and dive into the minefield that is the political game.

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Bill Clinton Wants "To Get Nasty" In 'Blurred Lines' Cover Video

Bill Clinton Robin Thicke Barack Obama

Ok, well it's not really Bill Clinton covering Robin Thicke's 'Blurred Lines' but presidential speech mixtape maker Barackdubs has done some clever editing, watched hours of Clinton footage and come up with a pretty neat video that seems to show the USA's 42nd president reciting the sordid lyrics of the R&B pop star's hit song.

Bill Clinton
Bill Clinton Wants To Get Nasty With Democrat Voters.

"I know you want it/I know you want it/you're a good girl," 'sings' Clinton over edited shots of his speeches with a quick cameo from current president Barack Obama. The popular 66 year-old politician hasn't commented upon, shown support for, or even acknowledged the existence of the frankly hilarious video which is perhaps just as well.

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Mos Def's Guantanamo Bay Treatment - Rapper Endures Force Feeding

Mos Def Barack Obama

In an experiment designed to reveal the true extent of what Guantanamo Bay prisoners are going through, Yasiin Bey – better known by his previous rap pseudonym Mos Def – underwent the mandatory, standard practice of force-feeding.

Mos Def Yasiin Bey Bey is a keen political and religious activist

What followed were distressing scenes: Guantanamo doctors inserted a tube up Bey’s nose, feeding him a fluid, presumably with enough nourishment to keep hunger-striking inmates alive. Force feeding aren’t hunger strikes a new thing at Guantanamo, but Islamic tradition of Ramadan has polarized the practice, with Islamic groups lobbying the U.S government to stop doing it during this period. They have responded in kind, only force-feeding inmates at night.

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Shannon Richardson: Did She Send Real 'Poison Pen Letters' To Barack Obama?

Barack Obama Michael Bloomberg Michelle Obama

Shannon Richardson has been indicted for sending poisoned letters to US president Barack Obama and New York Mayor Michael Bloomberg. The letters were not only threatening but contained ricin, a plant which is highly toxic. It is manufactured into a poison which can be lethal if inhaled or injected.

Barack Obama
President Barack Obama giving a speech at Applied Materials, Texas.

The charges are two counts of sending threatening letters and one of making a threat against the President. It is possible she could also be charged for the manufacture or possession of a biological substance. Should she be found guilty she will face up to 5 years for each count - a possible 15 years for the charges so far. 

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Melissa Etheridge And Linda Wallam Engaged: Will Marry In California Following DOMA Overturn

Melissa Etheridge Leonardo Dicaprio Alyssa Milano Lady GaGa Barack Obama

Rocker Melissa Etheridge has announced she is engaged to sitcom writer Linda Wallem. The couple have been dating since 2010. With the overthrow of the Defence of Marriage Act (DOMA), the couple can now legally wed with the same rights as heterosexual couples in California. 

The folk-rock singer was delighted with the news and immediately tweeted that she would be marrying her long-term partner Wallam. Her twitter status read "I look forward to exercising my American civil liberties and getting fully, completely and legally married this year to my true love of over three years, Linda Wallem".

Linda Wallem and Melissa Etheridge
The happy couple: Melissa Etheridge (L) and Linda Wallem (R) at Pier 60, New York. 

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Barack Obama's Version Of 'Get Lucky' Is An Internet Smash

Barack Obama Daft Punk

Viral videos featuring Barack Obama in some capacity rarely go by without a few 100,000 views at the very least, and one of the most recent videos to feature the President of the United States of America is a musical number that looks to continue this trend of exploiting Barack's popularity.

The YouTube channel Baracksdubs uploaded a video of the President 'singing' his own version of Daft Punk' 'Get Lucky,' mashing up speeches and audio clips from the President to recreate the opening verse and first chorus of the hit song by the French duo. Unoriginal; yes, but entertaining; you better believe it!

Baracksdubs have previously mashed up Barack's past statements to make 'Barack Obama Singing Call Me Maybe by Carly Rae Jepsen' and 'Barack Obama Singing Can’t Touch This by M.C. Hammer,' but his version of 'Get Lucky' might be the best yet. What's more, the video also features clips from Barack's hilarious White House Correspondents' Association dinner video, in which the president pretends to be method actor Daniel Day-Lewis portraying the president for a Steven Spielberg-directed biopic.

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Frank Ocean, Barack Obama & 'House Of Cards' Among The Winners At This Years Webby Awards

Frank Ocean Barack Obama Justin Bieber

The 17th annual Webbys were held tonight (April 30), celebrating the biggest Internet achievements of the year, with the Netflix series House of Cards getting the biggest pat on the back whilst other winners included Frank Ocean, Justin Bieber and The Onion.

Kevin Spacey
Kevin Spacey and Netflix CEO Ted Sarandos have proved the worth of quality online programming with House of Cards

House of Cards producers Kevin Spacey and Dana Brunetti where honoured with a Webby special achievement award for proving that online dramas can be gripping and reward viewing, whilst Netflix also won an award for best streaming media site. The online-turned-full TV comedy series Burning Love was also honoured with a Special Achievement award, with Jerry Seinfeld being handed the Outstanding Comedic Performance award.

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Jay Z Did Not Get A Personal Ok From Obama On His Cuba Trip

Jay Z Beyonce Knowles Barack Obama

Don’t believe everything you hear in rap songs, is the latest lesson we got from Jay Z’s little Cuba debacle. After Mr Carter rapped about getting “White House clearance” for his trip with Beyonce to the communist country, president Obama went on record on the Today Show, saying that he was not in any way involved in the decision. "This is not something the White House was involved with. We've got better things to do," Obama cleared things up with host Savannah Guthrie.

The controversy around Jay first began when he and wife Beyonce Knowled jetted off to the communist state for their five year anniversary. This was in the beginning of April and since then, the trip has been called into question multiple times. Since American tourists typically aren’t allowed into Cuba, the legitimacy of the trip was called into question. Additionally, a number of Cuban rights activists declared the vacation insensitive to the struggles of the country’s citizens. However, Jay Z tried to shut up his critics with the song “Open Letter”.

Jay Z, LA Lakers Game
He might be buds with the president, but Jay Z didn't clear his vacation with the man. 

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Jay-Z Shrugs Off Political Criticism Of Cuba Trip In 'Open Letter' [Listen]

Jay Z Beyonce Knowles Barack Obama

Jay-Z released new track 'Open Letter' on Thursday (April 11, 2013), on which he raps about his recent trip to Cuba with superstar wife Beyonce. On it, the mogul says that President Barack Obama told him he'd get "impeached" for the trip, rapping, "Boy from the hood, I got White House clearance. Politicians never did s*it- for me except lie to me, distort history. They wanna give me jail time and a fine. Fine, let me commit a real crime."

He later raps, "Hear the freedom in my speech. Obama said, 'Chill you gonna get me impeached. You don't need this sh*t anyway, chill with me on the beach." The power couple ran into criticism from Senator Marco Rubio and Republicans Mario Diaz-Balart and Ileana Ros-Lehtinen for taking a trip to the communist island. American policy restricts travel to Cuba unless approved by the government. "I'm in Cuba, I love Cubans. This communist talk is so confusing," Jay-Z sings later in the track, which is produced by Timbaland and Swizz Beatz. He later references the Bob Dylan song 'Idiot Wind', rapping, "Idiot Wind,' the Bob Dylan of rap music. You're an idiot, baby, you should've become a student. Oh, you gonna learn today."

The U.S. Treasury Department told website POLITICO on Wednesday that while the White House approved the trip's organizers journey to Cuba as part of a cultural learning experience, they were unaware Jay-Z and Beyonce would be attending as it is policy for organizers to provide a list of travellers. 

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President Obama Hosts White House Music Bash: Who Was On The Bill?

Barack Obama

The White House concert took place last night, with artists ranging from Booker T. Jones and Justin Timberlake performing at the latest in a long run of special shows put on by President Barack Obama and First Lady Michelle Obama and former Presidents over the years.

“These events have honored the musical genius of Stevie Wonder, Sir Paul McCartney, Burt Bacharach and Hal David” trumpeted a press release before the event, going on to say that they’d “celebrated Hispanic musical heritage during Hispanic Heritage Month; marked Black History Month with events featuring music from the Civil Rights Movement, Motown and the Blues; spotlighted Broadway and the unique spirit of the American musical; and explored the rich roots and resiliency of Country Music.”

There was plenty of celebration in evidence last night (April 9, 2013), and it was the genre of soul that was celebrated. “In the sixties and seventies, Memphis knew its share of division and discord and injustice,” Obama told the audience. Tennessee was, after all, where Martin Luther King, was assassinated. Obama continued that soul music “tried to bridge those divides — to create a little harmony with harmony.” Clearly music close to the heart of the leader, he’d walked on stage to Green Onions, a well-known instrumental tune by Booker T. and the MG’s. 

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Psy Announces New Song 'Gentleman': But What About The Dance?

Psy Barack Obama Michelle Obama

Psy will perform a new song titled 'Gentleman' for the first time at a concert in South Korea on April 13. The Korean pop star became a global celebrity after his 'Gangnam Style' video became the most watched clip on YouTube, though the 35-year-old is refusing to rest on his laurels.

Speaking to local Korean television on Monday (April 1, 2013), Psy revealed, "The new song is extremely fun and ... what I can tell you is the song title is 'Gentleman'. I can't tell you about the dance but all Koreans know this dance - but (those in) other countries haven't seen it." It appears likely then that 'Gentleman' will feature some kind of traditional Korean dance, perhaps with a contemporary spin. Psy has asked his fans to turn up wearing white clothes at the forthcoming concert at the Seoul World Cup Stadium in, suggesting a spacesuit or a bridal gown.

Psy certainly appears to be suffering for his art, tweeted a photo of himself covering his face at a recording studio, with the caption, "pain of creation."

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Beyonce Gay Marriage: Singer Shows Her Support For Equal Rights

Beyonce Knowles Barack Obama

Beyonce on gay marriage: Beyonce is well known for her humanitarian side, so it has perhaps come as little surprise when the singer voiced her support for gay marriage, posting a picture on to her Instagram page featuring a page of handwritten variations of the lyrics to her song 'Single Ladies' together with the caption "If you like it you should be able to put a ring on it #wewillunite4marriageequality! B."

BeyonceBeyonce thinks that if you're gay and you like it then you may as well put a ring on it

In less than 24 hours the picture had already gathered more than 220,000 likes, with that number fast rising as the minutes go by. She followed up her initial comment by uploading the emblem for the equality movement, accompanied by the caption "it's about time #equality#prop8#marriageislove show your support!!" to further highlight her fondness for the appeal. Her move mirrors the opinion of her other half, rapper Jay Z, who in 2011 compared discrimination against homosexuals with racism against African Americans and other ethnicities in an interview with CNN.

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Outrage As 'The Bible's' Satan Resembles President Barack Obama

Barack Obama

The History Channel's new series 'The Bible' has been an unexpected series this year, attracting a high of 13.1 million on Wednesday (March 13, 2013), enough to topple American Idol, which managed just 12.8 million. However, Sunday's episode of the historical drama was the subject of intense controversy after a character representing Satan bore a startling resemblance to President Barack Obama. Are the History Channel putting their political cards on the table?

The devil was played by actor Medhi Ouzaani, though was this simply a casting coincidence? Right-wing commentator Glenn Beck was one of the first to point out the similarity, tweeting, "Anyone else think the Devil in #TheBible Sunday on History Channel looks exactly like That Guy?" Another Twitter user said, "Oh my word...watching The History Channel's The Bible.does Satan look familiar to anyone else?" It was a view shared by Matthew Gaudet who said, "Watching The Bible series on the History channel and noticed the guy playing the role of Satan, looks strikingly similar to Obama."

The incident echoes the furore of HBO's inclusion of George W. Bush's head impaled on a stick during season one of Game of Thrones. After producers pointed out the 'cameo' in DVD commentary, the network froze shipments of box sets and halted sales on iTunes until the offending head was removed. "We were deeply dismayed to see this and find it unacceptable, disrespectful and in very bad taste," HBO said in a statement at the time.

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Have A Kids Menu? Beyonce And Jay-Z Leave Restaurant With Blue Ivy (Video)

Beyonce Knowles Jay Z Barack Obama

Beyonce and Jay-Z's daughter Blue Ivy is certainly getting an early taste of the high-life! The superstar couple dined with their one-year-old at Gjelina Restaurant on Abbot Kinney in Venice Beach this week. Browsing the menu, we're undecided as to whether Blue Ivy opted for the Turkey sandwich or the grilled hangar steak?

Anyway, the couple - being the most famous in the world - opted to leave via the back door, though plenty of photographers had anticipated the movie. In our video, Bey and Jay are accompanied by a member of their security team (who carries Blue Ivy), as they jump into the back of their vehicle. The superstar rapper wears a casual shirt with grey tee and oversized glasses. Beyonce keeps her head firmly down, ignoring one paparazzo who yells, "Did you make the lights go out at the Super Bowl?" Another member of the couple's security team blocks the stars from having their photo taken - celebrities eh?

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President Obama's Inaugural Celebrations Rounded Off With Lady Gaga And Tony Bennett

Lady GaGa Tony Bennett Barack Obama Michelle Obama

President Barack Obama’s Inaugural celebrations for his second term in office were one hell of a shindig. To round it all off, he held an Inaugural ball, for his campaign staffers. For the paltry sum of $10, not only did they get to celebrate with the President and his First Lady themselves, but they were treated to performances from Tony Bennett and Lady GaGa. Yup. Tony Bennett and Lady Gaga. For $10. Makes you wish you’d signed up to join the campaign team, doesn’t it?

The two singers duetted, with ‘The Lady Is A Tramp,’ although Gaga was looking far from tramp-like, in her wedding-dress style gown, with typically elaborate detailing, including huge puffed-up sleeves. Gaga then went on to sit at the customized, white winged piano, according to Ace Showbiz and played some of her hits, including ‘the Edge of Glory,’ ‘Born This Way’ and ‘You and I.’ Michelle Obama seemed particularly thrilled at the evening’s entertainment. When her husband introduced the two singers, Michelle broke out into a little dance, causing the president to remark “it’s been a long weekend. She’s getting a little silly now.”

Watch Lady Gaga perform at the Inaugural Ball

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Private Moment: Barack Obama And Michelle Obama Dance To Jennifer Hudson (Video)

Barack Obama Michelle Obama Jennifer Hudson

The reigning US President Barack Obama and his First Lady, Michelle Obama enjoy a moment dancing together, as Jennifer Hudson perform for them at the 2013 Presidential Inauguration.

Michelle looks stunning, in a long red dress with a cutaway V at the back and low neck line. Obama, wearing a dark suit for the occasion, leads his wife as they dance at the Presidential Inaugural Ball, which took place at the Walter E. Washington Convention Center.

Watch the Obamas enjoying Jennifer Hudson's performance

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Video - President Obama And First Lady Michelle Dance To Jennifer Hudson Performance

President of the United States Barack Obama and his First Lady Michelle Obama are seen dancing together as Jennifer Hudson performs at the Presidential Inaugural Ball which took place at the Walter E. Washington Convention Center in Washington DC. The pair are loudly applauded as the music finishes and they stand to wave to the crowd.

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Rapper Removed From Stage After Lupe Fiasco Inauguration Rant

Lupe Fiasco Barack Obama

The Lupe Fiasco inauguration performance went out with a bang when he was removed from the stage having criticized President Obama.

The headline performer at the pre-inauguration StartUp RockOn concert in Washingtop, Lupe Fiasco used the opportunity for quite the opposite effect of what the whole night was supposed to be for. Instead of using his performance time to celebrate the second of Obama's terms, he instead rapped about his disaffection and disillusionment with the current US government and Obama's foreign policies. 

"Gaza Strip was getting bombed, Obama didn't say Sh*t. That's why I ain't vote for him, next one either," he said. He performed one song for 30 minutes, reports say that he had been asked to change the track, but he refused. It's nothing new for Fiasco, back in 2011 he referred to Obama as a terrorist. 

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NME Award Nominations Announced: HAIM And Tame Impala Four Nominations Each

NME Frank Ocean Haim Tame Impala Harry Styles Rolling Stones David Cameron Mia Barack Obama

"The NME Awards is the highlight of the music calendar and the most Rock'n'roll party of the year," says NME editor Mike Williams. He's not wrong, and this year's nominations, which have just been released, prove to make this year's party even better.

The bands to be most proud of their nominations this year are new-comers Haim and Tame Impala, both of which have never been nominated in the awards before. Haim's nominations are for 'Best New Band', 'Best Track', 'Best Music Video' and 'Best Twitter' for Alana Haim (@babyhaim). We're not entirely sure what makes a good Twitter, but we're sure she deserves it, mostly because she posted a photo of her kissing a trout. Tame Impala's nominations are for 'Best International Band', 'Best Album', 'Best Track' and 'Best Music Video'. Also with four nominations each are veterans The Rolling Stones, and controversial act, M.I.A

This year's heroes and villains are an interesting bunch with Harry Styles and David Cameron undoubtedly leading the troupe for the villains, while Frank Ocean, Barack Obama and Pussy Riot are all up for the Hero award. 

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President Obama Thanks Beyonce For Performing At His Inauguration

Beyonce Knowles Barack Obama Michelle Obama Kelly Clarkson

Beyonce is showing some big love for her country's biggest events this year, as she sang the American national anthem, The Star-Spangled Banner, at Barack Obama's second presidential inauguration, as well as being the artist to perform at this year's Superbowl half-time show.

She and Jay-Z have been very vocal about their support of the president over both his campaigns and terms, and the couple of couples have dined together on numerous occasions. As she walked on stage she greeted Michelle Obama, the first lady, with a familial kiss, and spoke to Joe Biden, the Vice President. After she had finished her rousing and, as MTV put it, 'diva-fied' rendition of the anthem, Obama shook her hand and said "Thank you so much."

Kelly Clarkson also performed for the president, singing a historic song popularly known as 'America', otherwise known as My Country, 'Tis of Thee. 

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Lupe Fiasco Incident: Fiasco As Lupe Kicked Off Stage During Inauguration Performance

Lupe Fiasco Barack Obama

President Obama's inauguration is the official stepping stone for his continued term. For those who voted for him and believe in his policies it's an important day, for Lupe Fiasco, whose political views don't run in tandem with almost any American policies, the StarUp RockOn concert, in celebration of Obama's inauguration, was a chance for him to air his criticisms on a vastly public scale.

Despite being the headlining act for the concert, Fiasco spent 30 minutes on just one anti-war track in which he criticized Obama for his war policies as well as telling the crowd that he didn't vote for him, the Huffington Post reports. All of this lead to him being removed from the stage by security. 

The very long track included the lyrics: "And these the same people supposedly telling us the truth/ Limbaugh is a racist, Glenn beck is a racist, Gaza strip was getting bombed, Obama didn't say sh*t/ That's why I ain't vote for him, next one either/ I'm part of the problem, my problem is I'm peaceful." 

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Kids' Inaugural 2013: Katy Perry And Usher Provide Highlights With Aerobic Acts And A Star-Spangled Onesie

Katy Perry Usher Barack Obama Darren Criss Naya Rivera Beyonce Knowles Kelly Clarkson James Taylor

Aware that children are, indeed, the future, the Kids of America got the best of the entertainment this weekend, at the Kids’ Inaugural – a repeat of the 2009 concert, but this time, with bigger names, playing to a smaller audience. Sasha and Malia Obama were of course, the guests of honour on this special weekend for their father, President Barack Obama, but 5,000 others were present at the exciting pop concert held at the Walter E. Washington Convention Centre, where Katy Perry and Usher took the headline slots, to entertain the gathered youth.

During his set, Usher reinforced the notion that the kids were worth keeping sweet, for the next presidential term, and told them “the youth matters,” during a set described by the Washington Post as “aerobic,” with “twisted limbs clad in black leather, kicking high tops the maraschino cherries.” When he told them to make some noise, they responded with a roar. Katy Perry – an avid supporter of Barack Obama (remember the Katy Perry election dress?) also performed on Saturday night (January 19, 2013). This time, she’d switch up the ballot dress for a “star-spangled onesie” and she treated the kids to some of her biggest hits, including ‘Teenage Dream’ and ‘Firework.’

Also performing for the Kids’ Inaugural were the Far East Movement and Glee’s Darren Criss and Naya Rivera, who covered ‘Valerie,’ the song made famous by Amy Winehouse. If you’re wondering why the kids are getting to have all the fun, don’t worry: Beyonce, Kelly Clarkson and James Taylor are all warming up their vocal cords, to sing for the grown-ups at the official inauguration ceremony today (January 21, 2013). 

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MP Weighs In On Jack Whitehall, James Corden ‘Big Fat Quiz’ Outrage

James Corden Jack Whitehall Frankie Boyle Susan Boyle Barack Obama Carly Rae Jepsen

Channel 4 must be breathing a huge sigh of relief that they didn’t decide to invite Frankie Boyle on this year’s Big Fat Quiz show, because they’ve managed to cause enough controversy, without having the sharp-tongued Scotsman on board. This year, the damage has been done largely by Jack Whitehall and James Corden, who were openly drinking a bottle of red wine throughout the show and made a number of crude jokes about The Queen, as well as Barack Obama and Susan Boyle.

Lord Burns, the chairman of Channel 4, declined the opportunity to speak to the Daily Mail about the show, but the British newspaper is up in arms about its distasteful content. The outrage has spread beyond the press, though, with Tory MP Conor Burns – a member of the Commons’ culture media and sport select committee – demanding to know why the show was aired as early as 9pm. “I actually watched some of the broadcast because we are staying with family for the holidays and I found it quite distasteful,” said the MP. “It was base, unfunny comedy and in some ways I thought its greater crime really was that it just wasn’t funny.”

At one point during the show, James Corden and Jack Whitehall attempted to cover up one of their answers, aware that it was inappropriate, but eventually revealed what they had written on the screen anyway. A sample of the ‘vulgar’ comedy on display during the quiz was Whitehall’s comment about Cary Rae Jepsen: “If you had given your number to someone like Carly Rae Jepsen and discovered how annoying she was, you would suck someone’s c*** to get rid of her.”

Psy's 'Gangnam Style' Gets Dictionary Inclusion!

Psy Barack Obama

Psy's Gangnam Style became the most-watched YouTube video in history last week, though the South-Korean native has now well and truly cemented his place in popular culture with a dictionary inclusion! 

'Gangnam Style' - Psy's signature song featuring THAT horse-riding dance routine - has been chosen as one of Collins' Dictionary words of the year. OK, so it's more of a phrase (or title) than a word, but it joins a select group of other unconventional 'words' that encapsulate 2012, including "fiscal cliff" and "Romneyshambles." Ian Brookes, the dictionary's consultant editor said, "We were looking for words that told the story of the year. Some words are from events that have been and gone and so are not likely to stick around... but others are probably here to stay." Fiscal cliff refers to President Obama, Congress and government spending, while Romneyshambles specifically refers to Mitt Romney's gaffe-ridden visit to London in July in which he questioned Britain's readiness to host the Olympics. 

Though the words including on this year's list have no guarantee of inclusion into the next dictionary, Brookes said Gangnam Style has a decent chance. "It's obviously a craze, so there's the possibility it will go away. But it's been heard by so many people that I think it's probably earned the right to go into the dictionary."

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Will Ben Affleck Run For Massachusetts Senator Seat?

Ben Affleck Hillary Clinton John Kerry Barack Obama

Ben Affleck may be playing down rumors that he’s planning to run for senate but that hasn’t stopped the gossip. The Argo director was recently in Washington to discuss the issues of violence plaguing Congo and when asked about his political ambitions, told the Politico blog “That’s not what I’m here to talk about. I’m here to talk about the role we can play in making the Eastern Congo a better place.” Playing down the rumors, then, but certainly not denying them.

Those rumors suggest that Affleck could be a potential candidate for senator in Massachusetts. John Kerry is widely believed to be replacing Hillary Clinton as secretary of state, according to Politico and if that happened, that Massachusetts seat would be up for grabs. Alec Gerlach, John Kerry’s spokesman reportedly declined the opportunity to discuss Ben Affleck’s political ambitions. He did, however, confirm that Affleck and Kerry planned to meet, along with other members of the Senate Foreign Relations Committee, which Kerry chairs.

During his testimony, Ben Affleck urged President Barack Obama to take action over the plight of Congo. “Resolving the cycle of violence does not necessarily require a significant new financial investment by the United States or U.S. boots on the ground. It does, however, require American political leadership — moral leadership even — to bring the parties together to address the larger sources of instability in the region… I may be naive, but I believe that our actions in foreign policy represent our values as a country — they represent who we are as a people.” It remains to be seen whether or not Ben Affleck will ditch his movie career in favor of a life in politics but those rumors certainly seem to be gaining substance.

Psy Still To Perform At Christmas In Washington Concert Despite Anti-America Song

Psy Barack Obama

With only one successful song under his belt so far, South Korean viral sensation Psy sure knows how to stick around in the news on a daily basis. Earlier this week a song performed by the singer at a 2004 concert in his native South Korea was unearthed featuring some rather unsavoury lyrics aimed towards America. Needless to say, not everybody was happy about it.

Regardless of the inflammatory lyrics he once held in his repertoire, not everyone is as unforgiving as many predicted and the singer has hardly been affected by a backlash from angry Americans. Psy had been scheduled to perform in front of President Barack Obama and his family at this years annual Christmas in Washington, and despite the fact that a torrent of objection has been spewed in regards to his appearance at the event, it looks like the show will go on for Psy. The broadcasters of the event, TNT, have confirmed that Psy would still perform as planned, and have made no mention to any of his past performances.

In lieu of the unravelling of his past, Psy recently issued a public apology for the events that happened at concerts in 2002 and 2004 respectively. After expressing his gratitude at the freedom of expression he is granted as a human being, he went on to apologise to anyone who he may have hurt with his lyrics, adding, “I will forever be sorry for any pain I have caused by those words.”

Barack Obama Amongst The Quick-witted To Address The Kennedy Center Honourees

Dustin Hoffman Barack Obama Robert De Niro Led Zeppelin

As entertainers from stage and screen were recognized for their contributions to the arts and American culture at the Kennedy Center Honors, it seemed as though a competition was forming: who could grab the most laughs with a witty address. Reuters had the scoop. 

"I worked with the speechwriters - there is no smooth transition from ballet to Led Zeppelin," joked President Barack Obama in deadpan while introducing the honorees at a ceremony in the White House East Room. And while Obama is one charismatic cat, we're pretty sure Robert De Niro can outgun him. "Dustin Hoffman is a pain the ass," said the former honoree, introducing the film star. "And he inspired me to be a bit of a pain in the ass too," De Niro continued with a big smile. "It's most incredible because it looks like I lived two lives," Natalia Makarova told reporters before the event. "I've come a long way, baby, no? That's the way someone said it for me." We're not sure we get that one.

Here's comedian Tina Fey, who was honoured with the Kennedy Center's Mark Twain Prize for American Humor in 2010, on Letterman: "David Letterman is a professor emeritus at the 'Here's Some More Rope Institute,'" while the man himself decided to save the quips for his show. "I was full of trepidation, but now I am full of nothing but gratitude," he said. "I don't believe this, but it's been nice for my family." So who wins? We're going to plump for The President of The United States. 

Led Zeppelin Honored By President Barack Obama At Kennedy Center Honors

Led Zeppelin Barack Obama

Led Zeppelin have been honored at the annual Kennedy Centre Honours event, with President Barack Obama on hand to give the legendary British rock group a touching tribute. Oscar-winning actor Dustin Hoffman, chat show host David Letterman, blues star Buddy Guy and ballerina Natalia Makarova were others to receive Kennedy Center Honors at the event on Sunday night, but all eyes were on Led Zeppelin who achieved critical and commercial acclaim throughout the late 1960’s and 70’s.

"When Jimmy Page, Robert Plant, John Paul Jones and John Bonham burst onto the musical scene in the late 1960's, the world never saw it coming” opened Obama. "There was this singer with a mane like a lion and a voice like a banshee, a guitar prodigy who left people’s jaws on the floor, a versatile bassist who was equally at home on the keyboards, a drummer who played like his life depended on it.”

Obama also pointed out – perhaps a little inaccurately – that America were the first to take to the group, saying “When the Brits initially kept their distance, Led Zeppelin grabbed America from the opening chord. We were ready for what Jimmy called songs with "a lot of light and shade". He finished "It’s been said that a generation of young people survived teenage angst with a pair of headphones and a Zeppelin album ... but even now, 32 years after John Bonham’s passing - and we all I think appreciate the fact - the Zeppelin legacy lives on." The group recently released a DVD of their one-off comeback show from 2007 at the O2 Arena in London, though they’ve expressed no desire to reunite for any more live shows.

Early Reviews For Zero Dark Thirty Point To Critical Success

Jessica Chastain Barack Obama

The highly controversial Zero Dark Thirty heads to cinemas screens in under a month, with the release for the film falling on December 19, 2012. The movie has drawn huge attention given that it focuses on the events that led up to the eventual killing of notorious terrorist Osama Bin Laden – the man behind the September 11 attacks on New York.

However, many thinking that this is set to be a movie fawning about the actions of President Barack Obama will be surprised – he only appears once in the film, on a TV saying that he doesn’t believe in torture, according to the Daily Mail. Much of the focus instead lies on actress Jessica Chastain’s portrayal of Maya, a female CIA Agent who becomes obsessed with catching and killing the Bin Laden.

It sounds potentially sickening, the glamorizing of such an event; however the early reviews have been somewhat positive, with much of the praise on Chastain herself. "[Chastain] is essentially asked here to carry a movie for the first time, and she rises to the occasion," writes The Hollywood Reporter, whilst Time Magazine even thought that it bettered Oscar-possible Argo, writing "Zero Dark Thirty" blew the similarly intense "Argo" "out of the water.” Oscar blogger Sasha Stone certainly felt that Zero Dark Thirty was in with a chance too, though, claiming "It's a crowded Oscar season for great films. But it's a good thing everyone had 'Zero Dark Thirty's' place in line because it is easily one of the year’s most memorable [features].”

M-yawn-mar Address: Hillary Clinton Falls Asleep During Barack Obama Speech

Hillary Clinton Barack Obama

If any proof were needed that the jubilation of four years ago when Barack Obama was first elected US President hasn’t quite been reciprocated this time round, then just have a look at how hard Hillary Clinton’s struggling to stay awake during one of his speeches.

MSN captured the video of Obama’s secretary of state creeping away for a few Z’s during his Myanmar address this week, Clinton doing her best to stay alert but unable to give in to the oncoming dimming of the sense that signals sleep. We don’t blame her; Obama’s voice has a rich, deep tone that is quite soporific, and if the room was slightly warm too? Well, we’ve all been there. That said, it didn’t look so good given that she was sitting front and center of the audience alongside Nobel Peace Prize winner Aung San Suu Kyi, who – as MSN wittily pointed out – knows something about being bored after years of house arrest.

Amusingly though this isn’t the first time a Clinton’s been caught having a nap in public; we found this video on Youtube which shows former President Bill Clinton struggling to be roused a preacher’s Martin Luther King speech, the former ruler of the free world not even able to take charge of his own sleep pattern. Dinner round the Clintons must be a hoot these days.

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Twins Named Romney And Obama By Kenyan Mother

Barack Obama

In Kenya, a mother names twins Obama and Romney - the perfect example of America’s reach across the globe. One election in the western world names the twin children of a 20-year-old mother in Kenya. Heart-warming or terrifying?

Clearly torn between the two candidates, as many Americans were, or simply enamoured the who election process as, again, many Americans were, Millicent Awuor, 20, a named her twins after both Mitt, and the eventual winner, Barack. "I named the first twin Barack and the second one Mitt," said the house wife, Awuor, to Reuters. She said she had named her twins after the winning and losing US presidential candidates in order to remember the day of the vote, Kenya's Standard newspaper reports. In Kenya, there was no doubting who the people’s choice to lead arguably the world’s most powerful nation. The US president's father was born in Kenya and his step-grandmother, Sarah Obama, still lives in the village of Kogelo. Also, the residents of Kogelo sang and danced after Mr Obama was declared the winner

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Sasha And Malia: Life In The White House

Barack Obama Michelle Obama

Barack Obama's re-election into the Whitehouse this past Tuesday will, hopefully, affect the lives of millions of people across America in a positive way, but there are few people that it will affect more than those closest to him, namely his family. Michelle Obama has appeared beside her husband every step of the way, doing everything she can to assure his political standing. It is his two daughters, Malia and Sasha, whose lives it will truly be most impactful.

Currently aged 14 and 11, these two children will blossom into adults in the next four years under the White House's roof. They'll begin dating, learn to drive, perhaps have their own form of teenage rebellion, as most kids of that age do. Hopefully, for their sake, Michelle and Obama will continue their protection of their children, in their attempt not to ruin them in the spotlight. Barack, in this year's inauguration speech, shone a light on them briefly, saying: "Sasha and Malia, before our very eyes you're growing up to be two strong, smart, beautiful young women, just like your mom. And I'm so proud of you guys." According to the Telegraph he has also promised Malia that she'll be allowed to learn to drive, rather than that constant chauffeured trips by the secret service. On dating, he told Ryan Seacrest "I think that any young man who has the guts to get through Secret Service deserves a hearing." Good luck to anyone that tries...

Michelle has been equally realistic about her approach to parenting. "You can't go off on somebody, you can't act bratty. Because you may be having a moment, but somebody could use that moment and try to define you forever. So you want to be cognisant of that..." She said, quoted by the Telegraph. "So there you go Malia. There's your hardship. You're not going to have Facebook for a long time." A small price to pay, surely?

Ted Nugent Blows Twitter Fuse Over Obama’s Presidential Victory

Ted Nugent Barack Obama

As many Americans – and non Americans, we might add – breathed a sign of relief over Barack Obama’s retention of the U.S Presidency, there were those that thought their fellow voters had taken the wrong path. Ted Nugent was one of these naysayers. Nugent is a rock musician from Detroit, Michigan and has been a staunch and vocal supporter of the Republicans for his entire life, and he's spoken extensively about gun and hunting rights. The outcome of the election was disappointing to him... to say the least, here’s what he had to say, in a rather ridiculous twitter rant.

Kicking things off, pre-election: a little warning for his fellow Americans…

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U.S Election 2012: Will President Obama Gangnam Style Over The Finish Line?

Barack Obama Psy Jay Z Beyonce Knowles

The U.S election is getting serious now. Weeks of campaigning, fundraising, polling, imploring and debating culminate tonight, as the votes come in. But, in the charismatic style that helped him win his first term, Obama spoke positively of his ability to dance Korean rapper Psy’s Gangnam style. 

During an Election Day interview with New Hampshire radio station WZID-FM, questions on Mitt Romney and his thoughts on a second term were put aside as he was questioned on the Korean’s viral style, which has now amassed a gigantic 660 million hits on YouTube. "I just saw that video for the first time, and I think I can do that move," said Obama, and then when asked if he could replicate the moves, he said "I'm not sure that the inauguration ball is the appropriate time to break that out," but, then playfully suggested an alternative. "You know, maybe do it privately for Michelle."

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U.S Election Night: Beyonce Pens Open Letter To Obama And Posts Photo Of Her Vote

Beyonce Knowles Barack Obama Jay Z Bruce Springsteen

U.S Election night news is rolling in, and Beyonce - a long time supporter of Barack Obama - had posted an open letter on her website, alongside a photo of herself voting in style. 

"President Obama," the letter started. "Everyday we see your heart and character, inspiring all of us to give more of ourselves. You are the leader to take us from where we are to where we need to be," she enthused, continuing to say, "You are the reason my daughter and nephew will grow up knowing that they can truly be ANYTHING they want to be. All my respect and adoration, Beyonce" The letter was accompanied by a photo of the hitmaker posing with her ballot paper. Freshly manicured and heavily pouting, B wanted to make sure the world knew which way she was voting, as if there were any doubt; she and husband Jay-Z have been two of Obama's staunchest supporters, giving public endorsements, and even boosting his election coffers with a few successful fundraisers. 

And talking of Jay-Z: he and Bruce Springsteen have been doing everything they can to ensure the voters vote the right way, or their way, by performing in Ohio last night (Nov 5). Mr Carter even regaled a parody of his classic 99 Problems, by singing "I got 99 problems but a Mitt aint one". Delightful. 

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Katy Perry's Skintight Ballot Dress... Is It Enough To Sway Voters?

Katy Perry Barack Obama Jay Z Beyonce Knowles Bruce Springsteen Lady GaGa Lindsay Lohan Rihanna Chris Brown

Katy Perry’s skintight ballot dress is causing quite a stir, as we anticipate the results of the US Presidential elections. Perry performed at a recent pro-Obama rally in Nevada and opted to wear an eye-popping white body-con dress with the image of a ballot paper printed on the front. On the dress, Barack Obama is quite clearly the chosen one, with Joe Biden as his Vice President.

Will Katy Perry’s dress be a powerful enough image to sway undecided voters though? Will they be hypnotised by Katy Perry’s curves? Will they be wooed by her enviable figure and rush down to the local voting center to put a cross next to Obama’s name on their voting slip? Or is politics a little more complicated than that? Well, Barack Obama clearly believes in the pull of celebrity supporters and is always keen to talk about his close links with hip-hops First Couple, Jay Z and Beyonce and often talks about what’s on his iPod, in a bid to secure the trust and respect of the young, hip voting contingent. Bruce Springsteen and Lady GaGa are also known to be fans of Obama. As is Lindsay Lohan. Sometimes. But Barack’s probably going to gloss over that one.

Katy Perry Skintight Dress

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Election Day 2012: Obama Or Romney? Let Your Favorite Celebrity Decide!

Barack Obama Jay Z Beyonce Knowles George Clooney Stacey Dash Kid Rock Snoop Dogg

And so the day finally arrives. After months of campaigning, it's officially Election Day 2012, with America set to choose between President Barack Obama and Republican Mitt Romney. There's nothing more either man can do but sit back, try to relax and hope the votes flood in.

One thing's for sure, it's going to be no landslide for either candidate and both will pull in millions of votes to make it one of the closest run elections in years. As a Democrat, Obama can rely on California and New York, and Romney is certain to take Texas, Oklahoma, South Carolina - basically everything in the south - though the election hinges on the swing-states Florida, Nevada and most importantly, Ohio. The bookmakers certainly think they know who's going to be President on Wednesday, offering odds of around 1/6 on President Obama with around 9/2 on Mitt Romney. We're pretty sure Republicans may think that's worth a flutter, though if you're still unsure about who to vote for - or think you've voted for the wrong candidate - check out the celebrity endorsements to see if your favourite stars agree with you!

Jay Z and Beyonce (President Obama)

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Aimee Mann Re-Writes Barry Manilow's 'Mandy' As 'Sandy'

Aimee Mann Barry Manilow Barack Obama

Aimee Mann has recorded a benefit song for the victims of the devastating Hurricane Sandy, re-imagining Barry Manilow's love ballad 'Mandy' as an ode to the storm victims as 'Sandy'.

The song reflects Mann's own experiences of the storm, during which she sought sanctuary in a Brooklyn hotel. 'Sandy' is sung to the tune of Barry Manilow's song, but with the lyrics replaced with a light hearted recollection of the storm. Mann performed the song to a weather-battered audience in New York's Westchester County on Thursday (1 Nov.) night, after the venue opened its doors for the needy New Yorkers.

The song, as well as referencing the storm itself, made light of how the country has responded to the crisis, noting New Jersey's Republican Governor Chris Christie's appraisal of President Barack Obama and his handling of the crisis. She sings: "Oh Sandy, now we hate you as much as Osama, after Con Ed exploded. Oh Sandy, and Chris Christie is calling Obama, glad I already voted."

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John Cusack Working On Rush Limbaugh Biopic

John Cusack Rush Limbaugh Barack Obama Betty Thomas

John Cusack's production company, New Crime Productions, is currently developing a biopic about conservative radio host Rush Limbaugh, said Friday (Nov 2).

Director Betty Thomas, who's set to work on the film - although it hasn’t been made clear whether she will direct - said the production company are applying the final few touches to the script and that will Cusack will star as Limbaugh. Production for the film, which has the working title of Rush, is set to begin next year, according th The Associated Press.

Although they couldn’t be any more dissimilar, with Cusack a tall, full haired liberal compared with Limbaugh’s overtly right-wing attitude and portly, balding figure being something of a mismatch, we doubt it’ll be too much of a problem once Hollywood’s finest get to work on the project.

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Fox And Friends Question NBC's Motives In Hurricane Sandy Fundraiser: Obama Propaganda?

Barack Obama Bruce Springsteen

Fox and Friends, Fox's casual news and opinion segment, has raised questions about NBC and their motives in airing a benefit so soon after Hurricane Sandy, suggesting that it's a ploy ensure Obama's second term is secure.

Steve Doocy and guest host Eric Bolling were discussing the matter, and were moved to ponder the question, "Where are the conservative performers?" after noticing that the benefit's three main headliners are Bruce Springsteen, Jon Bon Jovi, and Billy Joel - three vocal Obama supports. Springsteen has even been travelling with the democrat on his re-election trail. Bolling also pointed out that other benefits, like the one for 9/11, were at least 10 days after the initial tragedy, giving New York City time to "get its feet under itself", whatever that means. He went on to describe NBC's timing as "more than suspect" and added "This just seems like a rush job because the election is gonna be [in] three days." So the Fox guys are in no uncertain terms, claiming that NBC have an ulterior motive in showcasing the benefit, but surely by talking about it like that, they're doing quite the same? Far be it from us to label a station bias, though: for shame. 

Doocy's question, "Is it a hurricane benefit or a concert for Obama?" only really proves one thing: that Fox are 100% thinking in terms of political ploys and angles, and NBC only might be. 

Joss Whedon's 'Romney Endorsement' Notches Up 1.8 Million Views

Joss Whedon Barack Obama

Joss Whedon's satirical endorsement for Republican Mitt Romney has notched up 1.8 million views on YouTube. The man behind The Avengers released the video over the weekend, claiming Romney has "the vision and determination to cut through business as usual politics and finally put this country back on the path to a zombie apocalypse."

Users had watched the parody over 800,000 times during its first 24 hours online, with over a million checking it out since. Though clearly joking, Whedon remains serious throughout - adding to the comic effect. "Romney is ready to make the deep rollbacks in health care, education, social services, reproductive rights that will guarantee poverty, unemployment, overpopulation, disease, rioting: all crucial elements in creating a nightmare zombie wasteland," he said. We're guessing this all went down a storm with the young, hip, liberal, Walking Dead watching Obama fans and Whedon is the latest Hollywood-type to come out in favour of the President, who now looks likely to secure a second term in office. The viral video shows Whedon in his home going about his normal routine, which turns out to be him making previsions for the impending apocalypse. The video has perhaps become more apt given Hurricane Sandy's devastating path through America's East Coast this week.

Last week, humorist John Hodgman tweeted a link to a video that imitates a History Chanel special on Mitt Romney's presidency (set in 2016). It shows American at war with Iran and a new economic collapse. 

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Your First Time: Lena Dunham's Unusual Method Of Supporting Barack Obama (Video)

Lena Dunham Barack Obama Jay Z Beyonce Knowles Chris Rock Will Smith Jada Pinkett-Smith

Wow, Barack Obama really does have all the cool kids on his side, doesn’t he? The hip-hop community are falling over themselves to show their support for Obama, with Jay Z and Beyonce leading the charge there. Chris Rock’s been piping up about his love for Obama, too, as have Will Smith and his wife Jada Pinkett Smith. And the latest in line to go public in their love for the President of the United States of America, in the run-up to next month’s elections is the comedian Lena Dunham, star and creator of HBO’s hot new comedy Girls.

Entitled ‘Your First Time,’ the video starts off with Lena talking seductively about the kind of guy that you want your ‘first time’ to be with and of course, you’ll start off assuming that she’s talking about losing your virginity, as she says things like “The first time shouldn't be with just anybody. You want to do it with a great guy. Someone who really cares about and understands women… a guy who cares whether you get health insurance and specifically whether you get birth control.” Pretty quickly, though, you realize that Lena isn’t talking about sex at all, but voting for the first time and quips that when she did, she went from being a girl to a woman.

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Donald Trump 'Announcement' Threatens Charities And Barack Obama With $5m Ransom

Donald Trump Barack Obama

Surely Donald Trump should have used up all of his stupid up by now. His 1991 bankruptcy was pretty stupid, especially given that one of his businesses went bankrupt again in 2009. It was pretty stupid of him in 2011 to accuse President Barack Obama of not being born in the USA, particularly as it was promptly negated by the release of Obama's birth certificate. It's now 2012 and he still hasn't learn his lesson.

In fact, he's really taken the biscuit. Before Wednesday he had released statements saying that he may be changing the course of presidential history, reports the LA Times. As it turns out in an announcement yesterday (24th Oct. 2012) he is simply threatening Obama and charities with some bizarre form of politico-social blackmail, by bribing Obama with the promise of $5m to be given to his 'favourite charity' so long as the president releases information from his colleges, his college reports and his passport information. Say what? That's right, Trump wants to see Obama's credentials. The business mogul argued that the current president is the 'least transparent President in the history of [the USA]' (perhaps he forgot about that Nixon debacle). Barbra Walters has snapped back at Trump calling him a 'fool', according to NY Daily News, and she certainly isn't wrong. 

Not only is Trump's gimmick stupid, it's disgustingly offensive and racist. I wonder whether if a white man, with the name 'John Smith' and a democrat leader would find the same obscene treatment. Trump seems to be forgetting that his own lineage is not rooted in the US, indeed, that no  one living in that country, besides indigenous people can root their genealogy there further back than 400 years. Obama is American, he embodies all the attributes that the US praises itself on; tolerance, free speech as well as bravery, honesty and assertiveness. If Trump cannot be proud of that, then he surely cannot be proud of his own country. 

Donald Trump Obama 'October Surprise': What Do The Celebs Think?

Donald Trump Barack Obama Jay Leno Ricky Gervais Adam Levine

A special Donald Trump announcement, which saw him promise to donate $5 million to Obama's favourite charity if the president released his college records and passport information, has been met by a less than favourable response from a few choice celebrities.

In a rare moment of genuine wit, which would probably be better applied to some of his music, Adam Levine of Maroon 5 tweeted: "Will someone tell Donald Trump we don't live in Gotham City?" And it was the micro blogging site that proved to be a breeding ground for comic responses to the frankly bizarre request from Trump; ‘The Office’ star Rainn Wilson posted, "I will pay 5 million dollars to see copies of Donald Trump's humility," while her show’s creator, Ricky Gervais tweeted, "I will give $500 to charity if Donald Trump gives up his hairdresser's passport and college records." Singer Josh Groban tweeted, "For Halloween I'm going to be Donald Trump! Gonna comb over my hair and not give 5 million dollars to charity!"

Perhaps the most important commentator on Mr. Trump is Obama himself, who of course was the subject of the odd YouTube upload. "What's this thing with Trump and you?" Leno asked on The Tonight Show, reports The L.A Times. "This all dates back to when we were growing up together in Kenya," Obama responded. "We had constant run-ins on the soccer field. He wasn't very good and resented it. When we finally moved to America, I thought it would be over." We at Contact Music will give $5 to our chosen charity if Donald Trump ever says anything sensible. And that’s a promise.

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Obama Offers Up Some Advice For Pal Jay-Z

Jay Z Beyonce Knowles Barack Obama

Obama and Jay-Z's enduring friendship is well documented, and the pair are so at ease with each other, the President of The United States has been giving the rapper some advice on parenthood, reports The Huffington Post.

"I made sure that Jay-Z was helping Beyonce out with the baby, and not leaving it all with mom and the mother-in-law," Obama said, referring to the couple's daughter, Blue Ivy in an interview with Cleveland's z107.9. "I've gotten to know these guys over the first several years. They're good people. They're down-to-earth," he said. "Beyonce could not be sweeter to Michelle and the girls. So they're good friends. ... We talk about the same things I talk about with all my friends." Mr President also said he prefers Jay-Z's "My First Song" over "99 Problems," because the former track reminds him "to always stay hungry."

The politician and the rapper's close relationship stems from Jay-Z and Beyonce's constant support of his political campaign. The pair were instrumental, alongside Kayne West, in pushing Obama's election into action, and are fighting just as hard to ensure he earns a second term. They held a highly lucrative fundraiser recently at New York's 40/40 club, and in a new campaign, Jay describes Obama as a vital symbol of hope.

Barack Obama Keeps Jay Z In Check With Parenting Advice

Jay Z Barack Obama Beyonce Knowles Michelle Obama

There aren’t many people on this planet that get to give Jay Z parenting advice but if it’s going to come from anyone, it may as well be President Barack Obama.

In a recent radio interview with Cleveland’s Z107.9, the president explained how he’d warned Jay Z to make sure that he’s chipping in when it comes to looking after Blue Ivy Carter, the couple’s young and enigmatically-named daughter.

“I made sure that Jay-Z was helping Beyonce out [with Blue Ivy, who is 10 months old]. And not leaving it all with mom and the mother-in-law." Jay Z and the former Destiny’s Child singer threw an Obama campaign fundraiser at Jay Z’s swanky new 40/40 club in New York last month and Obama decided to share some his family experience with the hip-hop star, to make sure he’s pulling his weight as all good modern fathers do, US Magazine reports. Obama explained that he and his wife Michelle Obama have become good pals with music’s ‘power couple’ but insists that he talks to the ’99 Problems’ rapper just as he would any of his other friends. “I've gotten to know these guys over the first several years," Obama said. "They're good people. They're down to earth. Beyonce could not be sweeter to Michelle and the girls. So they're good friends. They really are down-to-earth folks. We talk about the same things I talk about with all my friends,” he explained.

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Can Barack Obama Fix Nicki Minaj And Mariah Carey’s Busted Relationship?

Barack Obama Nicki Minaj Mariah Carey

Can Barack Obama mend Nicki Minaj and Mariah Carey’s relationship on American Idol?

OK, we’re going to be honest; we hadn’t really considered this question until we heard Michael Yo of the Yo Show actually asking the US president if he was capable of such a thing, but now that the question’s out there, it’s surely worth thinking about!

Barack Obama appeared as a guest on The Yo Show and within seconds of having him on air, Michael had already posed the question that he thought the American voting public really wanted the answer to this: “Can you repair the relationship between Nicki Minaj and Mariah Carey on American Idol? That’s what the people wanna know.” Obviously used to having tricky questions thrown his way, Obama took it all in his stride and simply said that he had faith in the pair of divas to sort their own troubles out. “"I think that they are going to be able to sort it out, I am confident… I'm all about bringing people together, working for the same cause, I think both outstanding artists are going to be able to make sure that they're moving forward and not going backwards.”

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Actress Daryl Hannah Arrested After Texas Oil Pipe Protest

Daryl Hannah Barack Obama

Actress Daryl Hannah was arrested yesterday following a protest over a controversial oil pipeline, whose construction was supposed to begin this week.

The Kill Bill actress and a fellow protester named Eleanor Fairchild were arrested in Winnsboro, Texas, a small town about 80 miles (130 km) east of Dallas. According to Paul Bassis, Hannah's agent, Ms Fairchild owns property on the proposed construction site, however her land was subject to compulsory purchase for the project and bought from her without consent. Bassis went on to say; "Ms Hannah and Ms Fairchild were defending Ms Fairchild's property from eminent domain abuse by TransCanada."

According to Wood County Police, the actress was arrested on charges of trespassing and resisting arrest, although the exact reason for the 78-year-old Ms Fairbank's detainment was not given.

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