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30th September 2015

Fact: Israeli supermodel Bar Refaeli has shared a picture from her wedding last week (ends27Sep15) on her page. The snap shows her posing with her new husband Adi Ezra. She adds in the caption, "The happiest day of my life! I married my best friend... Live, Laugh, Love together forever."

20th August 2015

Quote: ''I'm getting married, I'm building a house. I'm probably going to get pregnant while I'm 30. I'm becoming a woman at 30. I think this will be a decade of family... I come from a family of four children. A lot of mums could read this and think, 'Yeah, try having one first'. Hopefully, I'll have a big family, but I'll take it one by one." Supermodel Bar Refaeli is hoping to get pregnant before her 31st birthday next year (16). Leonardo DiCaprio's ex will wed businessman Adi Ezra in her native Israel next month (Sep15).

4th September 2014

Tweet: "Just wanted to let my fans know those photos of me that have been leaked are not me. It is an illegal act, please don't participate." Model Bar Refaeli assures her fans that intimate pictures of 'her' posted on the Internet on Wednesday (03Sep14) are actually fake. Ariana Grande also denied being a victim of the nude pictures hackers.

6th November 2013

Tweet: "I have 3 more Breaking Bad episodes left... I'm afraid to watch them! What will I do with my life after????" Supermodel Bar Refaeli is hooked on Tv series Breaking Bad, which ended its run on U.S. Tv in September (13).

18th July 2013

Fact: LEONARDO DiCaprio's supermodel ex Bar Refaeli has teased fans online by sharing a steamy photo of herself locking lips with a female pal. The other woman has been identified as her good friend Orna Elovitch.

22nd March 2013

Fact: Supermodel Bar Refaeli was honoured with a Style Icon prize at the 2013 Vienna Awards for Fashion & Lifestyle in Vienna, Austria on Thursday (21Mar13).

26th September 2012

Tweet: "fasting during Yom Kipur (sic) for the first time in my life... I'm craving chocolate people.. do not come near me!" Jewish supermodel Bar Refaeli is observing the holiest day of the year.

29th August 2012

Tweet: "Wow!! Almost at 300K followers! Thank u everyone for ur support. hope Im keeping u entertained!" Supermodel Bar Refaeli celebrates her popularity on

13th July 2012

Tweet: "On my last 100 pages of 50 shades... a sad day. a very sad day. i do not want it to finish." Supermodel Bar Refaeli is enjoying E.L. James' erotic fiction hit 50 Shades of Grey.

11th June 2012

Tweet: "Shame on Moscow! Not allowed to celebrate being gay for 100 years?! Im disgusted!" Supermodel and Maxim Hot 100 nuber one Bar Refaeli is upset about Russia's anti-gay stance.

7th June 2012

Tweet: "Missing: sleep, time, freedom, independence (life). if anyone finds it, please, I would love to have it back!" Maxim Hot 100's number one woman, supermodel Bar Refaeli, is struggling with her busy lifestyle.

4th June 2012

Tweet: "Thank you everyone 4 the B-day wishes!! I'm truly touched!!" Supermodel Bar Refaeli is grateful for the fan tweets as she celebrates her 27th birthday. The Israeli stunner posted a snapshot of herself holding a chocolate cake on to mark her special day.

24th May 2012

Quote: "Were my parents alcoholics? I get that a lot... (I was not conceived) in a bar... In Hebrew, it means boy and it means wheat and wilderness. They were hoping for a wild boy and they got a very calm girl." Stunning Maxim Hot 100 number one Bar Refaeli on the story behind her name.

23rd May 2012

Quote: "I'm not that confident. I actually had a thin line of underwear that they airbrushed out... When the model doesn't agree to appear to be completely naked, then they have to use the magic of computers." Israeli supermodel Bar Refaeli reveals she wasn't completely naked when she posed for an eye-popping pictorial for Maxim magazine after topping the publication's new Hot 100 list.

23rd May 2012

Quote: "Your wife throws it away. That's exactly why I did it online, because, like, you never buy new ones and your wife, she always throws the old ones away because she likes to get rid of things... and they never have time to go and buy new ones." Supermodel Bar Refaeli insists her new online underwear range, UnderMe, is more marriage aid than lingerie line. The Israeli stunner's simple selection caters for men and women.

23rd May 2012

Quote: "I work out a lot and I kinda have the tendency to grow muscles, so I wish that sometimes I was just like a tender little girl, but I'm really not; I kind of look like a soccer player if I work out too much... and I don't mind my dimples." Superfit supermodel Bar Refaeli on her least and most favourite body parts.

18th April 2012

Tweet: "I'm still wearing the same... leggings as I did yesterday! Cause my bag Still didn't arrive." Model Bar Refaeli is caught up in luggage hell on Wednesday (18Apr12) as she awaits for her lost bags to arrive.

18th April 2012

Tweet: "2nd time in 2 weeks my bags don't arrive at the airport. God better b (be) planning something pretty major for me soon!!" Annoyed model Bar Refaeli is frustrated after her luggage fails to make a trip with her.

17th April 2012

Tweet: "I got a security 'patdown' by a woman at the airport that made me feel very uncomfortable and left no doubt about her sexual preferences." Model Bar Refaeli on her awkward airport encounter.

3rd April 2012

Fact: Leonardo DiCaprio's supermodel ex-girlfriend Bar Refaeli has shot a new ad for her underwear collection, in which she plays tennis wearing only bra, panties and a pair of running shoes.

10th February 2012

Tweet: "i guess i can say it now- after a year break.. returning to @SI_Swimsuit Full Force!! this year, with a very exciting, refreshing, surprise!" Leonardo DiCaprio's supermodel ex-girlfriend Bar Refaeli teases fans as she prepares to strip off again for Sports Illustrated's 2012 Swimsuit edition.

8th February 2012

Tweet: "Arrived to the airport only to find out my flight got cancelled. Feeling a slight urge to punch someone." Supermodel Bar Refaeli's travel plans take a hit.

6th February 2012

Tweet: "I finally went to the gym. Was denied cause I don't have insurance.. AA for effort though right?" Supermodel Bar Refaeli's bid to get fit is thwarted.

26th January 2012

Fact: Leonardo DiCaprio's supermodel ex Bar Refaeli turned soccer shooter in Spain on Wednesday night (25Jan12) after finding herself on the pitch for the second leg of Barcelona's Copa del Rey clash with Real Madrid. The Israeli stunner tweeted photos of stars like Barcelona's Lionel Messi and his rival Christiano Ronaldo and adding commentary like, "I think I just felt a drop of Messi's sweat. Not showering Ever again!". The game ended in a 2-2 draw.

17th January 2012

Tweet: "I think it's funny that Twitter keeps suggesting me to follow Leonardo Dicaprio." Model Bar Refaeli has no plans to follow her ex-boyfriend's page on the social networking site.

15th December 2011

Tweet: "When the captain is announcing a delay because of 'a problem with the plane' is that good enough of a reason to freak out?" Supermodel Bar Refaeli is worried about a plane emergency.

12th December 2011

Tweet: "the band aid is from cutting an avocado today- my little fingers was (sic) in the way... Clumsy". Supermodel Bar Refaeli is nursing a cut on her finger.

3rd December 2011

Quote: "My biggest celebrity crush is Ryan Gosling because he's so talented." Leonardo DiCaprio's supermodel ex Bar Refaeli has eyes for sexy Eva Mendes' new boyfriend.

25th November 2011

Tweet: "Walked in Starbucks, ordered, paid- and left. With no coffee in my hand. I think I need to catch up on some sleeping! Hahaha." Exhausted supermodel Bar Refaeli is forgetful after a lack of sleep.

15th November 2011

Quote: "We have professional designers, of course, but my ideas and input go into every single item. I try everything before it's manufactured. I choose the fabric and have the last word on the items." Leonardo DiCaprio's supermodel ex Bar Refaeli is very passionate about her new intimate apparel collection for the Undeez chain.

10th November 2011

Tweet: "I reached my 80k goal!! Thanks guys!! Good night to all of you out there!!! Sweet dreams!" Supermodel Bar Refaeli went to sleep on Wednesday (09Nov11) with 80,000 followers.

8th November 2011

Tweet: "i think i am sick:( Belfast was 2 cold 4 my Israeli blood.....! staying in bed tonight." Supermodel Bar Refaeli is suffering after attending the MTV Europe Music Awards on Sunday (06Nov11).

7th November 2011

Tweet: "@justinbieber just gave me a High5!!! Why am I not 14???!" Supermodel Bar Refaeli was excited to have met Justin Bieber at the MTV Europe Music Awards in Belfast, Northern Ireland on Sunday (06Nov11).

27th October 2011

Quote: "I'm kind of embarrassed to say, when I was about 12 years old, I was in love with the Hanson brothers. All the three... and I'm on Jay Z's Facebook page and it makes me blush." Supermodel Bar Refaeli on her celebrity crushes past and present.

26th October 2011

Quote: "When I'm working, I usually put a lot of sexy music on, so Rihanna, Beyonce - anything that makes me wanna move... Those are the top two sexy women in the world." Supermodel Bar Refaeli on the stars who help get her in the mood for sexy photoshoots.

15th September 2011

Tweet: "I don't get star struck... But when i see Jay Z... i wish i would think before i speak.. ! ugh." Supermodel Bar Refaeli gets flustered in front of her rap idol.

5th August 2011

Tweet: "Was on a plane today with Roger Federer And Rafael Nadal. Seriously... I've got nothing to look for in life anymore." Supermodel Bar Refaeli was thrilled to find her tennis heroes in first class.

8th July 2011

Tweet: "Good morning!! Tel aviv is pretty in the morning.. I just wish people wi (sic) stop honking!" Supermodel Bar Refaeli has a rude awakening in her native Israel.

5th July 2011

Tweet: "Crazy thing... Went to the Roger Waters show in Paris, and saw a pic of myself on the wall!!! #respect!!! I'm honored." Supermodel Bar Refaeli catches a shot of herself at a French rock concert.

17th June 2011

Tweet: "I broke my arm. And I'm annoyed! Booooooo." Leonardo DiCaprio's supermodel ex Bar Refaeli has broken her arm.

17th November 2010

Fact: Hollywood star Leonardo Dicaprio celebrated his 36th birthday in his supermodel girlfriend Bar Refaeli's native Israel last week (11Nov10). Family and friends joined the actor for the birthday break.

28th May 2010

Fact: Russell Simmons threw a party at his New York home on Wednesday night (26May10) to raise money for charity efforts in Sierra Leone. The hip-hop mogul invited "200 beautiful girls and 100 of my richest friends" to help raise money for Shine on Sierra Leone. Guests included Israeli supermodel Bar Refaeli.

18th February 2010

Quote: "They are very similar. Not only do they look alike, they are both very lively and warm. No pretences at all." Designer Giorgio Armani's niece ROBERTA is fond of close pal Leonardo Dicaprio and his on/off model girlfriend Bar Refaeli.

3rd June 2009

Quote: "I haven't seen anything like that ever. So I wanted to be the girl who did it." Israeli supermodel Bar Refaeli jumped at the chance to do a near-naked photoshoot for men's magazine Esquire with an excerpt from horror writer Stephen King's novel MORALITY scrawled in paint across her bare skin. The edgy cover shoot features in the July (09) edition of the publication.

18th February 2009

Quote: "She looks good on the cover of Sports Illustrated... Somebody's lucky." Justin Timberlake is smitten with Leonardo Dicaprio's supermodel girlfriend Bar Refaeli, who was chosen as the cover girl for the 2009 Sports Illustrated Swimsuit Issue earlier this month (Feb09).

12th February 2009

Fact: Leonardo Dicaprio's supermodel girlfriend Bar Refaeli has landed the job of hosting MTV's revival of HOUSE OF STYLE. Previous hosts of the popular 1990s fashion show include Cindy Crawford, Rebecca Romijn and MOLLY SIMMS.

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