Israeli-born supermodel Bar Refaeli has been selected as the Go Daddy girl for this round of Superbowl Ads.

The Superbowl is, of course, one of the biggest, if not the biggest marketing event of the year, so this is big news for Refaeli. It is also going to be her very first Superbowl ad. The model will be joining veteran Go Daddy spokeswoman Danica Patrick under the spotlight. So, pretty girls in skimpy outfits, then. What else is new? Well, apparently the skimpy outfits aren’t going to feature in the Go Daddy this year. No, they won’t be fully naked instead. The ladies will be wearing evening gowns, which will be quite a change for Go Daddy – a company known for its racy ad campaigns.

"It's about intrigue and desire," says Noreen Jenny Laffey, president of Celebrity Endorsement Network, quoted by USA Today "It's not what you see; it's what you don't see — but you know is there.” That sounds more than a little confusing, but the general message is obvious – no more skimpy outfits. Go Daddy’s chief marketing officer, Barb Richter, confirmed this, saying: “The new sexy at Go Daddy is all about the customer.” No, we don’t really understand what that means, either.