Bar Refaeli wants to have kids ''soon''.

The 30-year-old beauty married businessman Adi Ezra last month and though they still feel they want to spend time alone before having a family, she thinks they'll always feel like that so would rather have kids in the near future.

She said: ''I would love to have kids soon. We keep feeling like we need some more time to ourselves but I think that feeling will never go away. So we will probably aim for children soon, I hope.''

Though Bar insists marriage shouldn't change her relationship with Adi, she admits she felt differently about him as soon as he became her husband.

Asked how marriage will change their relationship, she said: ''I don't think it should. I believe people choose to get married because they are happy with their lives together, so why would we change anything?

''I didn't expect it - I always thought it would be the same as the day before the marriage - but you feel a spark of extra commitment when you call someone your 'husband'.''

The Israeli model also opened up about her husband's ''old-fashioned'' marriage proposal.

She recalled to HELLO! magazine: ''Adi is an old-fashioned, romantic man, He went down on one knee in the middle of a romantic dinner in the Maldives and asked me to be his wife.''