Bar Refaeli has unveiled her first tattoo.

The supermodel has a small inking of a butterfly etched onto her left wrist, and the design has been done in white ink, making it even more subtle than traditional tattoos in blue dyes.

However, fans shouldn't expect the model to be sporting a growing collection anytime soon, as she has insisted she won't make a habit of adding to her body art.

Alongside an Instagram picture of her new design, she wrote: ''I finally did it. My first (and last) tattoo.''

Bar, 28, had her tattoo done at a parlour in her native Israel, where she is currently staying, after celebrating the New Year there.

The fashionista is not the only model to have got a taste for ink recently, as Cara Delevingne went from having no tattoos at the beginning of 2013, to sporting a promising collection by its end.

Cara currently sports 'Made in England' on her foot, a lion on her right index finger, her initials on her right hand, the word 'Silence' on her wrist and the name of her mother, Pandora, on her left arm.

A Brazilian tattoo artist also inked the roman numeral XII on her ribcage and The Southern Cross, a constellation made of five stars, around her right ear.

However, the 21-year-old star has met criticism from some fashion houses over her growing collection of body art, which could put her career at risk.

A source said: ''Chanel have already expressed alarm at the quick succession of Cara's tattoos and Sarah [Doukas, her agent] has told her to call a halt to it. As far as they're aware, she has six, but no one is sure how many there really are. And with some of them in very visible positions, Chanel and Burberry have both expressed concern.''