Bar Refaeli ''couldn't stop'' kissing her new husband after they were married.

The 30-year-old supermodel and businessman Adi Ezra tied the knot in a traditional Jewish ceremony at the Carmel Forest Spa Resort near Haifa, Israel last month and felt an instant ''deep'' connection when they were proclaimed husband and wife.

She said: ''When we kissed right after the rabbi announced us husband and wife, we couldn't stop. We didn't care about anything or anyone around us.

''We felt our connection in the deepest way, the two of us together forever.''

Despite hiring a wedding planner to arrange the nuptials, Bar insisted on being involved in every detail but was still stunned when she saw the venue for the first time.

She said: ''I dealt with everything. My wedding planner kept telling me I was nuts, but I'm a control freak.

''I didn't want to come as a guest to my own wedding. I wanted to feel like I was 'home' and to know how it was going to be. I wanted to be in every meeting, including light meetings.

''But in the end, as much as I was involved, I was blown away when I entered. It was beyond my expectations. It was like a dream.''

And the Israeli beauty thinks her vision for the big day was fulfilled exactly how she wanted it.

She added in an interview with Britain's HELLO! magazine: ''My friend told me something that made me feel like I accomplished what I wanted.

''She said, 'Usually when you go to weddings you feel like you are at a wedding but at your wedding everyone felt they were a part of it.'

''That was a big compliment for me because that is exactly how I wanted people to feel.''