Supermodel Bar Refaeli's travel woes had her in tears on Wednesday (08Feb12) after she missed a second flight.
Leonardo DiCaprio's ex was left stranded at an unnamed airport on Tuesday (07Feb12) after her flight was cancelled and she burst into tears when she realised she had missed the next plane out on Wednesday.
Taking to to detail the drama, she wrote, "Missed my morning flight... Lucky me. Someone up there is pushing his limits messing with me like this.
"Requirements for working at the airport- u gotta be tears resistant. As a true female, I tried that. No one cared. I stopped... And then I read the news about Syria And cry (sic) that I cried because of a stupid flight! My heart goes out to all the people there!"
Syria is in the midst of a bloody uprising as government forces target rebels rising up against President Bashar.
In 11 months of clashes, an estimated 5,400 people have been killed.