After weeks of shadowy new works, Bristolian street artist Banksy has broken his silence to condemn an exhibition claiming to be "the most expensive collection of Banksy artworks ever assembled."

BanksyThe 'Stealing Banksy' Exhibition has Been Condemned By The Bristolian Artist

In a statement on his website, the artist - or a spokesperson for the artist - said: "The Stealing Banksy' exhibition taking place in London this weekend has been organised without the involvement or consent of the artist."

"Banksy would like to make it clear - this show has nothing to do with me and I think it's disgusting people are allowed to go displaying art on walls without getting permission."

The show is being put on by the Sincura Group, who are refusing to speak with the press. Despite the provocative title of the exhibition - which infers that the work on sale has been taken or removed from its original location - an accompanying newspaper states, "It should be noted that the Sincura Group do not steal art. We have made no financial gain from the sale of any street art."

The Sincura Group have previously been criticised for selling Banksy's Slave Labour work for more than £750,000 at a private auction, after it was removed from a wall in North London.

Work for sale at Stealing Banksy includes his 2009 work No Ball Games, which is estimated at £500,000, and Oldskool, which disappeared from its East London location in 2008. None of the pieces on sale have been authenticated as being by Banksy.

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