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Band Of Horses Everything All the Time Album

Band of Horses began life as indie favourites Carissa's Weird, but, to my mind, that band never achieved the kind of ragged glory that they do here. Into the singer-songwriter/ angular rock world of Iron and Wine and the Shins, Band of Horses is a fantastic addition. The music is anthemic, dreamy and gorgeous - one listen to The Funeral suggests some great world in which Yes and Feeder combined for one great song - it is one of 2006's best songs so far. There are bands that do what Band of Horses do - My Morning Jacket, for one; Mercury Rev for another - but less cohesively, and less consistently. Everything All The Time has nods to classic Neil Young throughout, but is more consistently accessible and just absolutely gorgeous in its sweeps and early-Coldplay aching tension.


Mike Rea
Adult Contemporary Essentials

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