Review of Do they know its Christmas? Single by BAND AID 20


Band Aid 20 - Do they know its Christmas? - 29th Nov 004 - Mercury Records - Single Review

Band Aid 20

Do they know its Christmas?

29th November 2004

Mercury Records

There goes a traditional saying, we’ve all heard it, you know the one:

“If it ain’t broke don’t fix it”

Speaking of things we all know and love, the famous Band Aid, Do They Know It’s Christmas 84 has been re-hashed and re-released twenty years on, and sampling some of today’s brightest young

Band Aid 20 - Do they know its Christmas? - 29th Nov 004 - Mercury Records - Single Review

talent. Those who haven’t heard the original, having spent the last 20 years on a deserted island, or for the younger generation, here is your chance.

Of course, you are always going to get the other old saying, you can’t beat the original, and this time it’s probably justified, with the original version being the stronger song musically. But that’s not the point of the project is it?

Today’s chart-toppers and favourite bands have joined together, this time in aid of Sudan, and artists such as Dido, Chris Martin, Justin Hawkins and Dizzie Rascal and many more have all joined together with the passion for a good cause.

Vocally, the original tune remains virtually untouched; you won’t have too much trouble singing along those of you that know the original. Musically watch out for some Hawkins’s style guitar squeals, and watch your mum try and sing along to that famous key change, only to stop in her tracks to Dizzie Rascal’s surprisingly placed and thought provoking rap.

Add to the recipe some effective duets, like that of Jamelia and Will Young, and you are brought up to the modern day. For those of you still preferring the original, you still have the famous and untouchable line, for which (despite attempts to remove it) Bono keeps his crown.

So, a classic it isn’t, often cheesy it is, but charity does not have to be serious, and this one has an important reason behind it, and Christmas is the time for pantomime after all.

Go out and buy it for a good cause, even if it winds up on your yuletide fire, you’ll have done your bit, if it ends up on your CD player, all the better.

Katherine Tomlinson