Review of How Much reality Can You Take? Single by Banco De Gaia

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5. Banco De Gaia How Much reality Can You Take? (12" - (Six Degrees) )
Veteran dance impresario Banco De Gaia releases the second single from his latest album Igizeh. Its a blinding concoction of rough drum licks, spiralling sequenced beats and ear-catching sitars. A simple tune but one that gets right under your skin and is guaranteed an approving response from the dancefloor.

The vinyl only release consists of further remixes by Jack Dangers (formerly the brandishing big beat destroyer named Meat Beat Manifesto), Juttla (the Asian breakbeat wonder kid from Wolverhampton) and Banco De Gaia himself. The respective mixes provide an all round taster of banging hands-in-the-air mayhem, cut and thrust breakbeats and easy airy house but despite all that, all the good money still goes on the original.