SIOBHAN FAHEY has nixed a potential Bananarama reunion because she fears she has got little in common with former bandmates KEREN WOODWARD and SARAH DALLIN.

The pop trio recently met up for a 20th anniversary party, but it quickly became apparent they weren't the same girls they were when they founded the group.

Fahey, who quit the group in 1987, says, "We didn't speak for a very long time and when we did meet up, all the rifts were healed and I have to admit, when I performed with them I felt very nostalgic.

"We did talk about recording together again, but when it came to it, they said they'd grown creatively and wanted to do a ballad, which I didn't quite understand, and what should have been just a bit of fun became a creative battle instantly again and I just thought, 'It's a shame we can't work together.'"

Fahey also insists there will be no SHAKESPEAR'S SISTER reunion either with MARCELLA DETROIT, even though she has just completed a Best Of project.

She says, "I just couldn't do it."

17/11/2004 02:37