Review of Signs Album by Badmarsh & Shri

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11. Badmarsh&Shri Signs (Album - Outcaste)
Dance music doesnt have to be four to the floor mayhem. There are occasionally times when you dont feel like geeing yourself up into a maelstrom of flailing arm and legs. Times when you want to relax with your music, music that allows for youre connection with the club scene and mangled nights out whilst also appreciating the fact that only those with a screw loose could possibly enjoy listening to banging club music 24 hours a day.

This album does just that. Ok, so there are the welcome up tempo tunes such as the allegorical Swarm and the full-bore, dancefloor, uproar of Get Up, but nestled amidst these tracks is a sensual seasoning of daydream soundtracks, of jazz and flutes peppered with dreamy vocals and eastern vibes.

Comedown caterers such as Electribe 101 filled a niche in the early nineties, more recently Dusted came up with a worthy offering that fits closely to the Badmarsh&Shri school of thought i.e. staying faithful to the religion of dance but developing it, creating a mature and emotive sound. The two men in question bring to the equation a mastery of the flute, bass, tabla and all things vinyl which when mingled with their different cultural backgrounds makes for an album that seizes your senses and touches your tender spots in the nicest possible way.