Review of Get Up Single by Badmarsh & Shri

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7. Badmarsh & Shri Get Up (12" - Outcaste)
The chorus to Get Up, put down the knife, put down the gun, lets get together may we all unite and live right couldnt be more poignant in the current political climate. And, even though the timing is, no doubt, purely coincidental, it cant fail to stir the emotions.
Beyond the lyrics, this is still an intense track. The second single to be released from their applauded album Signs is a dynamic mix of ragga, funk and hip-hop, boosted further still, by the unmistakable vocals of UK Apache.
This talented duo should soon be entering the consciousness of chart listeners. And, with another up-tempo mix courtesy of Faithless, many of the UKs dancefloors are soon to be acquainted with them too..