Back To The Future star Christopher Lloyd has put his Montecito, California estate on the market four years after his home there was destroyed by fire.
The actor has spent the past three years building a new Italian style mansion on the land.
The five-acre property comes with four bedrooms, extensive gardens, a pool and spa.
Lloyd has listed the estate for $6.5 million (£4 million).
Visiting the rubble of his home back in 2008, Lloyd confessed he was stunned by the loss of his property: "All this happened in minutes... It's all just sinking in. You watch TV, you see these kinds of incidents happening here and there, but you look with a kind of detachment because it's happening elsewhere. But suddenly, to be in the midst of it, it's a very different awareness. I kept delaying to go through and store (memorabilia)... Kind of don't have to worry about that now... It's just gone."
The actor was shooting on location in Canada when he heard his $11 million (£6.9 million) estate had been lost to wildfires.