This week The Bachelorette took to the most romantic place in the world – Connecticut. Alright, so this episode wasn’t quite as “exciting” as its billing, but we get it – the production needs to cut costs, where it can ahead of next week’s jet setting. So the gentlemen arrive at Mohegan Sun and it’s time to party – which in this case means that all of them share a pre-date hot tub. Okay then.

The first one-on-one date for the episode falls to Dylan, which is appropriate because, wow can that man talk. He and Andi share an empty Essex Steam Train for a romantic journey and Dylan dives straight in with the deep questions. What was your longest relationship? Why did it end? Somehow that leads into Dylan telling the story of his brother’s death and breaking up with his ex on the day of the funeral – it’s all very confusing, depressing and just plain heavy.

Andi Dorfman
This week on The Bachelorette was heavy. And not just because we saw Andi cry.


"I can sit across from Dylan and feel that he just wants to burst out with this story," says the Bachelorette. "I think until about it and I hear it, it's like we can't start yet."

So after they get off the train and sit at the dinner table, it’s time to wrench out those painful memories – in the interest of romance, you see.

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"I want to see the real Dylan sooner rather than later," she tells him, as the date rose taunts him silently from the table. "I figured, one-on-one time, like, I owed it to both of us to try and get past [your] nerves."

And so she does. Not-so-reluctantly, Dylan gives her the story. Every. Single. Detail. Needless to say, it’s a bit of a drawn out scene, so we should probably skip the blow-by-blow recap. Spoiler alert: he gets the date rose in the end.

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