Former Babyshambles guitarist PATRICK WALDEN has finally revealed he left the Pete Doherty-fronted band because of the heightened level of drug abuse. Walden quit Babyshambles in December 2005 because he was concerned at the level of infamy surrounding drug addict Doherty - and his own burgeoning heroin habit. He tells British music magazine NME, "The band had become a circus. There were so many snakes - we'd be in the studio and there'd be people taking pictures of (Doherty's then-girlfriend) Kate Moss doing coke." And Walden decided against joining his former band for a one-off live appearance at the Manchester Evening News Arena in November 2007, when he arrived at rehearsals and found the band still surrounded by drugs. He adds, "I had gone to Windsor to rehearse the night before. There were drugs about, and it was supposed to be a drug-free tour. I wasn't happy.