British rockers Babyshambles are heading out on tour - without troubled frontman Pete Doherty.
Bassist Drew MCConnell and guitarist Mik Whitnall have announced two concerts in the U.K. with another eight or nine in the pipeline, but they won't be joined by founder member Doherty.
The singer/songwriter is currently living in Paris, France and pursuing an acting career - and news the band is hitting the road without Doherty has sparked speculation he has left the line-up.
MCConnell tells NME, "If he's in town, I'm sure he'd love to come out (and watch), but he's in Paris at the moment nurturing his burgeoning career as an actor and, as far as I'm concerned, hopefully writing some new songs."
Asked if the Doherty-less tour spells the end of the band, MCConnell replies, "You know what, people have been asking me that since 2004 and I always have the same answer - it's not the band where you can make plans. It's a very volatile and unpredictable band to be in..."
In September (11), Doherty told fans at a solo concert it would be his "last gig in a long time".