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You Talk
Single Review

Babyshambles You Talk Single

Like many of you, it's difficult to talk about this band's without mentioning the troubled stance of their front man, Pete Doherty, but forgetting the turmoil it's easy to see that these guys have so much potential. 'You Talk' is the second single to come from their stunning new album 'Shotter's Nation' and although it hasn't had an awful lot of radio airtime it's bloody brilliant, reminiscent of the good old days of the Libertines.

Who can deny that the combination of that talented guitarist and awe-inspiring drummer, that magical bassist and slurring vocalist was not a match made in heaven. 'You Talk' has grasping lyrics, sugar-sweet guitar riffs and an all-round uplifting drumbeat, which help's make it so pleasant to listen to. It's a feel-good bubbly track from the prince of chaos and his troupe.

Daniel Black

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