Babyshambles- Jabez Clegg Manchester - Live Review



Will he turn up? Will Wolf Man explode out of sheep's clothing and join in a rapturous set? Will Carl Barat appear with flowers and sing a heart rending version of 'Thank you for being a friend'? The answer to these questions surrounding Pete Doherty's side project had to wait while the Hull based quintet; The Paddingtons paraded their brand of indie/pop punk in front of an anxious crowd of 350. To be tolerated was the best this band could hope for and pop punk pearl; 'Same Old Girl' helped to assure that this aim was achieved.

Babyshambles - Jabez Clegg Manchester - Live Review

The clock struck 23; 15 and several mutters of "he is looking well isn't he?" signaled the eagerly awaited arrival of Pete Doherty and his band Babyshambles. All past misdemeanors were forgiven, as they strolled into a predominantly acoustic version of The Libertines latest single 'Can't Stand Me Now' and not so long after the anthemic 'Time For Hereos' rung out around the rustic venue, initiating what would be one of the many surges onto the stage from the exuberant crowd. Pete was in good voice as the in between song chants by the Manchester massive of 'Oh Manchester we love you' were carried on with good voice and heart by Pete, thus creating a party atmosphere. The inclusion in the set list of 'What Katie Did' that was extracted from the new Libertines album, in which Pete has been told he can play no part in the promotion of was perhaps the biggest surprise of the evening.

The self titled song and 'Flophouse' were the Babyshambles own tracks that received the best reaction and were performed with pride and passion from Pete. The gig on the whole was the sort that made The Libertines famous; boisterous, frenetic and heartfelt. It is up to people to form their own opinion about Pete Doherty and his addictions, but I would heartily recommend that people see him perform live before calling him a waster who doesn't care.

David Adair