R&B icon Babyface recently reconnected with the childhood crush who inspired him to write his first song after tracking her down via Facebook.com.

The legendary producer, singer and songwriter reveals his love for a girl named Rhonda sparked his musical creativity when he was around 11 years old and he penned an ode to her called, Here I Go Falling in Love.

He lost touch with her as they grew up and went their separate ways, but the musician was able to find her online, thanks to the popular social networking website, and they met up earlier this year (13), more than four decades after he first fell for Rhonda.

The Tender Lover hitmaker, who is dating his former back-up dancer Nicole 'Nikki' Pantenburg, tells U.S. talk show host Oprah Winfrey, "Funnily enough, this year, I finally found Rhonda and had lunch with her, because I wanted to find out what she knew (about his crush)... She was the new kid in town, she got on the bus and I was immediately in love and I went home, I started a diary, started writing in this diary about what she wore and what she would do every day I saw her."