Review of Put Out Album by Baby Strange

Baby Strange

Baby Strange - Put Out - Primary Voltage Records - Album Review

Baby Strange - Put Out - Primary Voltage Records - Album Review
Baby Strange

Put Out

Primary Voltage Records

It was always going to draw comparisons, but with five guys from the east coast of America in suits, you could be forgiven for having a pretty good idea as to what they would sound like! Well fool you and fool me! That's what makes Baby Strange a whole lotta special!!

The punishing rhythm of title track 'Put Out' takes about ten left turns when you expect them to go right at every one! It trams along like the love child of 94' circa Primals and the fluid groove of New Order... but so much more. Eric Deneen's often haunting vocals recall classic Gram Parsons with dashes of Jaggers saucy delivery

When this was recorded (2004, the LP has only just made its way over the pond!), clearly Deneen was steering the ship. The music seems to be a pure extension of his lyrics and melody. Pounding, churning and pulverising but an undenying sense of hope.

Testament to this is their electric live shows. Now augmented with new guitarists and bass player (Tim, Jamie and Steve ) it could be said that they now improve on the blueprints set with this album. Still, the melodic but booming drums of Ryan Ennis retains all the Motown meets Charlie Watts vibe heard at recent English shows and its seems that these guys are all about the moment as all the great rock and roll bands are!

So, like prime time Faces or Oasis, Babystrange's record is a document of a small point in their history. What songs like 'Hot Damn' and 'Ghost' in effect do is make you hope and pray these Boston boys get their sharp suits round your way very soon!

Joel Tomasevic