Review of Funplex Album by B-52S

Album review of B52's album 'Funplex' released through Astralwerks/ EMI.

B-52S Funplex Album

B-52S are very much a marmite band, they've been going over 16 years and for some their career hasn't meant much but to others, they just got the fun vibe and found that their hit single 'Rock Lobster' could always be counted on to get people dancing. That was in 1992, now we are given Funplex.

Produced by Steve Osbourne, Funplex is a great listen, I'm not entirely sure how but B52's sound like a fantastic mix of The Cardigans, punkie Sex Pistols and the pure pop and fun aspect of B52's usual music.

A few tracks grow a little tired after a few listens, for example 'Juliet Of The Spirits' but this is an album I can imagine going back to for a few years to come.

The title song, Pump, and Ultraviolet are all fantastic additions, Funplex is a great addition to the B52's catalogue and a welcome treat at any party.

Rating 8/10

Mike Rea

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