Twitter has made celebrity feuds much more frequent and much more fun. The latest spat is between Azealia Banks and New York rapper and singer Angel Haze, who has just been included in the nominated list of BBC's Sound of 2013 (regardless of the outcome of this argument, she's definitely one to watch). 

Apparently, Banks and Haze have 'beef' going back a while, but it came to a head via Twitter lately, when Haze retaliated to a tweet left by Banks which was indirectly aimed at Haze- or so Haze claims. The retaliation came in the form of a threatening tweet (which has since been deleted). Banks then said:

However, then Haze says she wrote a track, recorded it and put it on a Diplo beat. 

However, Azealia called BS and said that she'd not written it in 20 minutes, but had, in fact, written and recorded it last year.

Apparently, she was backed up by Diplo.

If that's true, Haze isn't down for being left red faced and has now said that she'll be writing and recording another one on garage band. Of course, she could have just left it alone. But, it's all good practice for writing so we'll just leave her to it.