Rapper Azealia Banks is in hot water again after allegedly making a transphobic remark about ex-One Direction singer Zayn Malik. It’s not the first time Banks has gone after Malik, earlier this year she was banned from twitter after unleashing a racist and homophobic tirade against the singer.

Azealia BanksAzealia Banks is alleged to have attacked Zayn Malik on social media again

In a screenshot that has been circulating on Twitter, Banks is alleged to have commented “He legit looks like he used to be a girl. He gives me transman teas,” on a collage of pictures from Malik’s GQ shoot.

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It comes just a day after Banks said she’d only be using social media for selfies from now on. Back in June Banks had also told fans she felt ‘deeply misunderstood’ after her recent social media controversies and that she saw other artists stealing from her.

Banks was banned from Twitter in May after attacking Malik following the release of his ‘Like I Would’ video, which she thought ripped off her ‘Yung Rapunxel’ promo. During her rant against Malik she called him a “curry scented b**ch”, as well as other racist and homophobic slurs.

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She later apologised for offending anyone, but would not take back her comments about Malik. "Big apologies to anyone who was offended by any of the things I said,” she tweeted. “Not sorry I said it. But sorry for the way I made people feel. Everyone except the targets of my tirades.”