Azealia Banks has returned to twitter after a video surfaced of her using a homophobic slur while on an airplane. But the rapper isn't offering an apology over the incident and has instead been retweeting supportive followers while also reaffirming that she is bisexual.

Azealia BanksAzealia Banks was filmed using the homophobic slur in a video released by TMZ.

In the video, released by TMZ on Tuesday, Banks is heard using a homophobebic slur towards a flight attending while trying to exit a Delta Airlines flight. Banks claims that a French couple had tried to block her exit when she had been trying to retrieve her luggage after landing.

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An eyewitness later told the New York Daly News that Banks had spat at the male passenger and punched him in the face and clawed his shirt. It was after this that the male flight attendant grabbed her bag and told her to calm down.

According to Billboard, Banks' twitter temporarily went private on Tuesday and lost its blue verification tick. But the Harlem rapper was soon back online tweeting, ‘Now you all can sit here in your fake outrage and discuss this amongst yourselves !! I'm headed to the beauty parlor! SIYONARA M-F***ERS.

Banks then retweeted support from her fans, while also plugging her album since she was now trending on social media. ‘Here's me on a plane waiting for another bitch ass flight attendant to try me. #AzealiaBanks #Brokewithexpensivetaste ,’ Azealia tweeted, alongside a picture of herself.

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Banks' only real attempt to address her use of the homophobic slur came when she tweeted, ‘I am bisexual. my brother is trans. My employees are all gay men. Nothing else to say.’ The NYDN has also reported that police were called over the incident, but the couple involved  decided not to press charges against Banks, since they were on vacation and didn’t want to pursue the incident further.