The 212 hitmaker was reportedly trying to make a quick exit from the Delta flight, but as she attempted to squeeze past a French couple, the man put his hand out to encourage her to stop, causing Banks to collide with his outstretched arm.

Sources tell the hip-hop star flew into a rage and spat in the man's face, before allegedly punching him and clawing at his shirt.

A male flight attendant intervened and urged Banks to calm down as he attempted to take her bag from her, but the rapper fell backwards into a seat and then began tugging at her luggage, shouting at the air steward and using a homophobic slur.

The drama, which was partly captured on camera, prompted the co-pilot to alert airport authorities, but Banks fled the plane before they could arrive.

Cops confronted Banks at baggage claim and spoke to other witnesses, but the French tourists declined to pursue charges and the case was subsequently dropped.

Banks insists she was the one who was assaulted, claiming she only lashed out after the French guy hit her in the face.

She states, "I don't tolerate b**cha**ness (sic) and I don't tolerate men putting their hands on me."