Azealia Banks is notorious for making controversial comments but she realised the remarks she made in a recent interview about Barack Obama may have been a step too far. 

Azealia Banks
Azealia Banks has caused controversy once again with her comments about Barack Obama.

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Banks landed the cover of Billboard and the interview was published last week. During the interview, Banks revealed her celebrity crush was President Barack Obama. Banks, not known for her subtlety, openly stated that she fantasises about sleeping with the president. 

 "He's so fine. Those big-ass white teeth and ears hanging off his head? I'm like, 'Oh my god, I want to f*** the president,'" Banks said in the interview. 

She also openly discussed her sexual proclivities, adding: "I sleep with my security guards. I love security guards. They're these big meathead bald white guys with blue eyes. And I have had sex with a lot of my female friends," she continued. "It's a proximity thing. It's why I am going to call my next record 'Business and Pleasure,' because I'm always mixing the two." 

Her comments were immediately picked up on and she was widely criticised on social media for being as tasteless as she was tactless. The 23-year-old rapper did not explicitly apologise for her remarks but she clarified that they were intended for humorous purposes and not to be taken literally. 

"Ok no the part about the prez [sic] was not supposed to be in there I really wish I could take it back omg I was only joking," Banks wrote on Twitter on Friday (3rd April).

"I think Michelle Obama just put a hex on me cause I'm sick as a DOG right now," she later added.

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