In distinct contrast to his normal behaviour Axl Rose was a) on time and b) giving an interview, with Jimmy Kimmel. The GUNS N' ROSES front man hasn't given a live TV interview for 20 years, but now that he has a 12 date residency at The Joint at Hard Rock in Las Vegas is more than happy to do a little promo in aid of the performances.

Perla Hudson, the wife of ex-Guns N' Roses guitarist Slash, was disappointed by the interview and quipped about it in an interview with Us Weekly. She, like many other fans, was probably hoping for a more in-depth and revealing interview, rather than the brief and amusing chat with Kimmel that ultimately barely scratched the surface of Axl's interesting life and even more interesting psyche. "I was waiting for something enlightening and all I got was promotion for a show and his evident affinity for a chili burger," Hudson said.  "Where is the love Axl? And I stayed up for this? Sex, drugs and chili dogs. Long live Axl Rose. And a Halloween tree." Fixating on his weight, she said he has "evidently [had] way too many Tommy's chili burgers!" We can't disagree, he really is looking like a bit of a porker these days, in contrast to his high cheek boned and chiselled days of the early 90s. 

Ah well, Axl turned 50 years old earlier this year, so gaining a few pounds is pretty much par for the course in middle age. In the interview he also expressed apathetic support for Obama, but that despite 'leaning' towards the Democrats, he won't be voting. A little odd given that his residency is titled "An Appetite For Democracy". Apathy, political contradictions and piling on the pounds, let's put it all down to creative licence. He's Axl Rose, he can do what he likes. The Guns N' Roses residency will begin on Wednesday 31st October 2012, with 11 futher days until November 24th of the same year.