The normally grumpy Axl Rose seemed pretty cheerful indeed as he appeared on the Jimmy Kimmel Live! show, and as well he might! After all, this was the first televised interview the notorious front man of ageing rock and rollers Guns N’ Roses had given in more than 20 years. Rose was surprisingly smooth in the role as guest, and even kept his cheerful demeanour when Kimmel likened him to Santa Claus. That must be some sized dressing they’d put up for him backstage.

That said, Kimmel largely avoided the long, long list of things he could’ve asked Rose, such as, y’know, his embittered relationship with his former guitarist Slash, or his decision to reject his Rock & Roll Hall of Fame induction and then subsequently apologise for his no show, nor indeed what Guns N’ Roses were planning next. Kimmel might as well have just asked him “So, Axl, how are you?” and have that be that.

However, he did take the ribbing he got well, and in a moment that really did make him seem like Santa Claus, he puts Guns N’ Roses tickets under certain audience members seats, as well bringing along a burger truck and giving everyone gift certificates! Oh, and the title of this story? It’s because he told Kimmel that he “would lean Obama” in the upcoming election, though he quantified this by saying that he and most of California tend not to vote. So there you go then, Axl Rose: not quite as monstrous as we thought. See for yourself below (complete with amusing Halloween anecdote):