Rock's most controversial frontman, Axl Rose, gives his opinion on who is "The World's Greatest Singers."

The Guns N' Roses star's vocal abilities were recently named the best of all on an unscientific, but well liked, chart posted by

But as soon as the list went viral, many were quick to squash the notion that Axl is the world's greatest singer.

The site's untested & unreliable analysis suggested that the 52 year-old he had a range that spanned nearly seven octaves, beating the likes of Mariah Carey, Marvin Gaye and Prince, plus another 73 artist.

Although Axl found the recognition "very flattering and humbling," in a letter posted to Spin, he admitted that he wouldn't have put himself at No.1.

"Big thanks to all the fans and media for the props reacting to the Spin top vocalist's article," Rose's letter began.

"From what I could tell, the original article was for the most part only talking about the professionally recorded vocal range of the singers they compared calling the entire group 'The World's Greatest Singers.' It's very flattering and humbling to be included in such an illustrious ensemble," he wrote.

As for who the 'Welcome To The Jungle' singer would pick as the greatest, "I'd say first that I don't know there's a definitive answer as in my opinion it's subjective, and second that my focus is primarily rock singers," Rose added.

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"That said, I enjoy Freddie Mercury, Elvis Presley, Paul McCartney, Dan McCafferty, Janice Joplin, Michael Jackson, Elton John, Roger Daltrey, Don Henley, Jeff Lynne, Johnny Cash, Frank Sinatra, Jimmy Scott, Etta James, Fiona Apple, Chrissie Hynde, Stevie Wonder, James Brown and a ton of others (predominantly 70's rock singers) and would rather hear ANY of them anytime rather than me," the letter concluded. "Peace."

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This honor came to Axl just as Guns N' Roses are in the middle of their 12-day residency at Las Vegas' Hard Rock Hotel and Casino.

Axl Rose
Rose wouldn't name himself as the 'world's greatest singer'