Axl Rose, lead singer of Guns N'Roses, has once again had his attitude towards the group's fans called into question, as he had a gig-goer ejected from their concert in Vancouver last Saturday (December 17, 2011), reports, who credit Jam Showbiz.
During their set at Vancouver's Pacific Coliseum, the singer reportedly became irritated by the fan's 'unruly' behaviour and ordered the security team to have him forcibly removed from the venue. Current reports on the matter do not detail exactly what it is that the fan had done to annoy Rose but it has been reported that Axl shouted at him "Out, mother f***er! Out! Get the f*** out! Yeah You! See ya, you dumb mother f***er." Earlier this year, Dave Grohl threw a fan out of a Foo Fighters gig, though in this instant is seemed apparent that the man in question had been fighting in the moshpit and Grohl was widely praised for his actions.
Reports on Axl Rose's motives are, as yet, unclear and it wouldn't be the first time that the rocker has been criticised for disrespecting the band's fans. In October 2011, Guns N'Roses turned up two hours late for a festival headline slot at the Brazilian Rock In Rio festival. A two-hour wait pales in comparison, though, to the 15 years their fans had two wait between their 1993 album The Spaghetti Incident? and its follow-up, Chinese Democracy, which was finally released in 2008.