Awolnation's rock anthem Sail has joined an elite club of singles in the U.S. after notching up 62 weeks on the Billboard Hot 100.

The track initially entered the countdown in September, 2011, and it has enjoyed two terms on the chart after re-entering the Hot 100 in February (13).

The song peaked at 17 last month (Oct13), becoming the first song to score its highest position on the chart over a year after its release.

Now, at number 35, the song becomes one of only 10 tunes to spend 62 weeks or more on the chart.

Awolnation Frontman Aaron Bruno says, "I never actually expected people to hear the song at all."

But its not the only song on the current countdown to enjoy record-breaking longevity - Imagine Dragons' Radioactive has been in the charts for 63 weeks.

The Lumineers' Ho Hey and You and Me by Lifehouse also racked up 62 weeks on the Hot 100 in 2012 and 2005, respectively.

Ahead of them, Awolnation and Imagine Dragons, Carrie Underwood enjoyed a 64-week run with Before He Cheats, Jewel's 1997 hit You Were Meant for Me/Foolish Games spent 65 weeks on the countdown, and Adele's Rolling in the Deep hung around for 65 weeks.

The top three marathon hits are Party Rock Anthem by LMFAO (68 weeks), Leann Rimes' How Do I Live (69 weeks) and I'm Yours by Jason Mraz, which spent 76 weeks on the chart.