Remember Danica McKellar? Tall, brunette, used to be on the Wonder Years? Well, you should remember her now, because the former childstar went and landed herself a part in Avril Lavigne’s brand new music video for Rock’n’Roll. The video, which will come out sometime next month, features Danica and Avril, both sporting minimal outfits and heavy makeup, according to the pictures shared by Us Magazine.

Danica McKellar, Milky Maternity Wear Launch
McKellar was sporting a slightly less wholesome look during the shoot.

Danica is all dressed up, a la Road Warrior in a teeny tiny brown top and denim vest, as well as an even tinier black skirt. The outfit matches that of Avril herself, who shared some pictures from the shoot on her Twitter. The concept of the video is still unclear, but by the looks of it, it’ll have something to do with rebellion – much like everything else Avril has ever done.

Avril Lavigne, Much Music Awards
Who even knew these two were friends?

Meanwhile, Danica has done quite well for herself after The Wonder Years ended in 1999. The childstar went on to earn a BS in Mathematics from UCLA, pen three New York Times bestsellers and even do some acting work. McKellar has lent her voice to the animated series Young Justice and appeared on an episode of The Real Life of the American Teenager. Now, she can also add “video vixen” to her already sizeable list of accomplishments.

Danica McKellar, Hollywood Ladies Luncheon
The video promises to be interesting at the very least.