Avril Lavigne wants to release a cookbook.

The pop punk icon recently returned to her roots on February's 'Love Sux' album and is known to be making a movie based on her biggest hit, 'Sk8er Boi', and that's not all.

The 37-year-old musician - who is engaged to fellow rocker Mod Sun - has revealed she is keen to publish a book of her "gourmet" recipes, drop a makeup line and even record a Christmas album.

In an interview with The Guardian newspaper, she said: “My food is, like, gourmet.

“I can do everything! Pasta, sauce, vegan, salads and soups – I can do every kind of soup.”

The 'Complicated' hitmaker has come a long way since being fired from her job at a fried chicken shop.

Avril admits it's surreal that her seminal debut album, 2002's 'Let Go', resonated so much and catapulted her to fame, because it's just about her "small town life and obsession with skater boys" as a teen.

She said: “I wrote this album right when I got out of high school and now I get to hear these lyrics of me talking about my small town and my obsession with skater boys.

“Even things like in 'My World', I literally talk about the fact that I got fired by a ‘fried chicken ass’ I worked for at a fried chicken chain. It’s hilarious. I look back at those lyrics, and I’m like: ‘I can’t believe I said that in a song.’”

Meanwhile, Avril recently revealed she would love to work with Taylor Swift after the 'Love Story' singer sent her congratulatory flowers for her comeback album.

She said: "I mean, Taylor's amazing! Anything could happen. I'm down [for a collaboration]! She's lovely. When my album came out she sent flowers and a sweet note saying she was loving the new album."