Avril Lavigne says Travis Barker gets her "as an artist" and she can always call him.

The 'Complicated' hitmaker has opened up on her bond with the Blink-182 drummer - who was rushed to hospital on Tuesday (28.06.22) due to an unspecified health scare - after working together on her latest album 'Love Sux' and 2007's 'Best Damn Thing'.

Speaking before news of his hospitalisation, Avril told Mix 104.1’s 'Gregg, Freddy and Danielle' radio show: "Travis and I worked together on the 'Best Damn Thing' album, he played on a couple of songs and then we wrote songs and he produced songs on this album.

"He signed me to his label DTA and we've done a bunch of performances together. It's been fun, it's great just collaborating with other artists.

"He understands me - he's been on the road, he's toured, he's gone through it all. I just pick up the phone and call him and he's there for me, and gets me as an artist."

The 37-year-old singer is currently on the road celebrating two decades since the release of her debut album 'Let Go', and she reflected on her first tour when she dreamed of being able to play a show full of hits.

She said: "Seven albums - when I made my first album and did the first tour, I remember thinking, 'I only have three singles. I can't wait till my entire setlist is all singles!' It's so wonderful, it's so cool. This whole tour has been really magical."

And Avril is "really grateful" when she gets on stage and hears such great reactions for her new and old hits alike.

She added: "I feel like I've grown as a performer. This tour that I’m doing now with my new album 'Love Sux' - I just feel, like, really grateful. I think that’s the main feeling.

"And just to be able to sing my old songs and to still get the response that they get, and along with the new songs… It feels so good to still be making new music and having people just excited about it today.”