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14th August 2015

Quote: "There wasn't anything too crazy (at the party), but just being there was cool. I was just at the back (of the club) chilling, and then I see Kanye and Kim like, 10 feet away from me, and then I see (basketball stars) James Harden and Kevin Durant walking next to me, it's just crazy." Teen pop sensation Austin Mahone was star-struck attending Kylie Jenner's 18th birthday party at Hollywood nightclub Bootsy Bellows on Sunday (09Aug15).

14th July 2015

Quote: "It's going good. I mean it's cool, you know, we have a good time. I visit her in L.A., she visits me in Miami. We make music together. It's great. A long distance relationship is definitely tough, but I think the fact that we are in the same career mode; it kind of brings us together even more." Austin Mahone on his long-distance relationship with fellow pop star Becky G.

1st May 2015

Quote: "We're dating. I never had, like, a real relationship, so it's pretty crazy. It's great being with someone that like does the same thing that you do. We understand like each other... I shot a video with Becky recently for her single... It was a real cool video, just me and her going around the city of L.A., going on to the beach and just like hanging out and doing fun stuff. So it was a real like intimate type video." Austin Mahone confirms he's dating pop star Becky G.

25th August 2014

Fact: Pop singer Austin Mahone made an unforgettable entrance to the 2014 MTV Video Music Awards on Sunday (24Aug14), by arriving in a party bus full of fans, along with a full marching band by his side.

5th June 2014

Fact: Pop star Austin Mahone has been given the honour of performing America's National Anthem at Game 1 of the National Basketball Association Finals in his native San Antonio, Texas. The singer will take centre stage at the At&T Center on Thursday (05Jun14) before his hometown team the San Antonio Spurs take on the defending champions, the Miami Heat.

29th May 2014

Quote: "One time I accidentally kissed one of my fans on the lips during a meet and greet. She asked if she could have a kiss on the cheek, so I turned and she turned at the same time, and we swiped lips." Teen heartthrob Austin Mahone recalls a lucky fan's brush with her idol.

26th May 2014

Fact: Pop star Austin Mahone once had a fan try to hitch a ride with him by hopping into the back of his car after a show. He recalls, "I looked over, and I was like, 'I've never seen you before!'"

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