Austin Mahone had been complaining of being ill for much of the week, and on Thursday, 17 October, the teen star had had too much of it and was admitted to the hospital. If this wasn't bad news enough for his fans, Mahone was also due to begin his 'MTV Artist to Watch Presents Tour' the same day he was taken into hospital, and a statement from his team have since said that the tour may have to be rescheduled for early 2014 while Austin recovers.

Austin Mahone
Austin won't be able to fulfil his upcoming tour date

"Mahone was rushed to the hospital at 9 a.m. Thursday morning," a source close to the pop star told People Magazine soon after he was taken into hospital, adding, "It's unclear what the singer's condition is at this time."

The 17-year-old singing sensation later uploaded a picture of himself on to his Instagram page, with featured himself wearing a hospital gown and holding on ot an IV drip. His caption read; "I've never felt so bad."

The source speaking with People went on to explain what the condition may mean for his scheduled tour, and soon after it became known that Mahone was in hospital, an official statement was released from the Mahone camp that said he was under doctors orders to get rest and stay off the road. The official statement read, "Due to illness, Austin Mahone will unfortunately have to postpone his sold out MTV Artist to Watch Presents Tour to 2014. The singer ... is now on strict doctor's orders to stay on rest and will need to reschedule all dates on the tour."

The statement went on to assure those who had bought tickets for the newly-cancelled shows that their tickets would remain valid should Mahone choose to reschedule the dates for next year. The statement went on to read that any tour updates will be given to fans as soon as they are made available.

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