Austin Mahone has been forced to cancel two performances owing to illness. The 17-year-old singer "was rushed to the hospital at 9 a.m. Thursday morning," according to a source speaking to People

Austin Mahone
Austin Mahone has been hospitalised and forced to cancel performances.

It is uncertain what Mahone is suffering with. Mahone, on his Twitter account, wrote on Wednesday (16th October) that he was suffering with flu. He wrote he was forced to cancel his concert on Thursday on "Doctor's orders" as he has "a bad flu, 103 fever and I can't move."

Whether his condition has changed is uncertain. According to People's source, "it's unclear what the singer's condition is at this time." However, the singer definitely does not look very well as he posted a photograph of himself on Instagram. The 'What About Love' was photographed wearing a hospital gown and a pair of patterned socks. Attached to a drip, he appeared to be putting on a brave - yet clammy- face and saluted the camera. He added the caption "I've never felt so bad."

Mahone is meant to begin his tour in Miami on Thursday (17th October), the same day he was rushed to hospital. He was forced to cancel his performances in both Miami and Orlando, the latter performance of which was scheduled for tonight (18th October). Further performances are scheduled for the weekend with a concert in St Petersburg, Florida booked for Saturday (19th October). There has been a suggestion, by People's source, that Mahone may well be forced to postpone his tour until next year. 

Get well soon Austin!

Austin Mahone
Austin Mahone was suffering with flu earlier this week.