Austin Mahone was given a wedding ring from a fan.

The 'What About Love' singer admits he's had some strange and extravagant gifts from girls since he became famous, including a wedding ring which belonged to a fan's father and was sent to him in the post.

Speaking from Miami, he told BANG Showbiz: ''I recall a girl sending me her dad's wedding ring, she said she took it and said, 'Please will you marry me?' and sent it to me, it was quite weird.''

The 18-year-old star doesn't complain about the attention and claims it's every teenager's dream to be ''chased by a million screaming girls'' but he admits it can get a bit crazy at gigs.

He explained: ''Recently, I was performing in Chicago and a fan jumped on stage and ran to me and mass security had to tackle her. You do worry about fans getting hurt sometimes - it was insane.''

Meanwhile, Austin has released his debut album 'The Secret', which features fan favourite 'Mmm Yeah' featuring Pitbull and the singer hopes to continue performing and recording for years to come.

He said: ''In five years time I see myself selling out arenas, hopefully, having at least a couple of Grammys by then and a lot more albums.

''I just want to do what I'm doing now but on a bigger scale.''